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Academic Thinking and
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the efforts of scientists, humanity has made big improvements in science over forty years. Scientists have achieved their peak point in
discovering the nuclear technology.Nuclear technology is technology that
involves the nuclear reactions of atoms. With this technology, humanity improved the world,
like never seen before, in which they live in very good ways. The use of nuclear technology should be supported by governments
because of its contribution to the
health industry, electric power,
and its reduction of expense.

First of all, the usage of nuclear power should be supported
because of its contribution to the health industry. The widespread usage of
nuclear technology in the health industry allowed to develop a new health
branch called the nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine is a branch emerged from
using the nuclear technology.This branch helps the doctors to treat patients
more detailly, carefully and doctors can understand if our organs such as
brain, kidneys, and lungs working as it should be, and because of its
improvements over the health machines and with better viewing technologies doctors
are also able to see if one’s leg is broken or cracked. The usage of nuclear
power in the health industry opened the way to develop x-ray and MRI(Magnetic Resonance
Imaging) machines which allows doctors to diagnose the internal diseases such
as, one of the fatal diseases humanity has ever faced, cancer and treat it
before it spreads to the all over the body and enters to the non-treatable
state. If governments should not have supported the nuclear technology, we would
not be able to advance in the health industry. These supports show that the
nuclear technology has too many contributions
to the development of health industry and shows why the usage of nuclear
power should be supported by the governments.

The other example of how nuclear power is beneficial and
should be supported is can be its contribution to the electric power. Nuclear
technology can be used to generate electric power. Nuclear power plants are widespread
all over the world. In these nuclear power plants, people produce electric with
using the uranium, and they do not cost as much as the electric generated from
the coals. All developed nations try to use and use nuclear power plants as
their primary source for generating electricity. They are clean energy, they do
not spread harmful gases to the ozone layer like coal powered plants. They are
as clean as wind powers. Nuclear power plants provide the seventeen percent of
energy requirements all over the world. For example, one of the world’s biggest
power, The United States Of America, has one hundred and four active nuclear
power plants and they use the plants for generating electricity, and plants
provide America’s nineteenth point seven percent of energy requirements. Another
example, a well-developed nation, Germany, uses seventeen nuclear power plants,
and they generate Germany’s twenty percent of country’s electricity power.New
developing countries such as Turkey, is already constructing its own nuclear
plants and preparing to use them in the 2019 and they will provide Turkey’s ten
percent energy usage and will lover the country’s energy dependency to the
foreign countries, such as Russia. Russia is also one of the major users of
nuclear plants and they are leading in the world compared to the other
countries. These are the other supports why governments should support the
usage of the nuclear power plants because of its ability to generate power.

The last example of why the usage of nuclear power should be
supported by governments because of its reduction of expense. As the article
stated above, nuclear power plants can be used to generate electricity and they
generate twice as much energy produced compared to the coal-powered plants.
Nuclear power plants use uranium as their only and primary source of energy. Mining
uranium might seem more expensive compared to the coal but, coal soon will
finish in nature because humanity has been using them since the industrial
revolution and using them faster than they produced, but people started to
uranium for last ten years. As the article stated above mining coal might be
cheaper but uranium offers twenty percent more energy efficiency compared to
the coal, and by that way, uranium is more advantageous compared to the coal
and there is no risk of declining it in nature for next twenty years, while in
coal there is a danger and with the risk of decline, the price of coal will
increase in the next years. Because of the uranium is more energy efficient, it
generates more power as it finishes itself in the plant, by that way the cost
of transportation, handling and extraction will decrease indirectly. These
supports also can be seen as for why the governments should support the use of
nuclear technology because of its
reduction of expense.

Some people argue that nuclear reactors, which used to
generate power, are unsafe and are likely to explode like in Chernobyl,
Ukraine. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion was a terrible accident,
and it had huge effects all over the region of Black Sea, even in the west of
Turkey. But these days are past. As the years passed, the humanity improved
itself, as a result, the technology improved. Today’s modern nuclear technology
is not what was in 1986, the year which explosion took place, and today humans
use more advanced and improvised nuclear technology. The modern nuclear
technology has better safety record compared to the older technology. The last
major accident in the industry can be seen as Fukushima nuclear plant, in
Japan, in 2011. That explosion was also a bad accident, but its bad effects not
as bad as the Chernobyl plant. Nearer regions did not affect that much compared
to the Chernobyl only a part of Japan suffered, and these kinds of risks can
happen anywhere, it does not have to be a nuclear power plant, even a small
tube factory can give harm , no one can guarantee its safety, but the benefits
overcome the negative effects. There are over ten thousand built nuclear
plants, but the explosions are numbered. The explosions are a small chance in
today’s modern nuclear technology. This refutation shows that that was a
problem for older technology, but not for today’s technology, and people can
trust to nuclear power.

The other argument that people argue over is that the nuclear
waste the seas by dumping their wastes into the sea or oceans. It might be a
problem for older nuclear technology, but in today’s modern nuclear technology
this is not a more problem for the humanity. Humans developed new ways of
storing the nuclear wastes. In countries using nuclear power, they started to develop
new radioactive waste management systems and special storage systems for
radioactive wastes, and countries started to reprocess the wastes to recover
the uranium and plutonium and reprocessed uranium and plutonium recycles into
new fuel. This refutation also shows that the wastes are not being dumped into
the sea or ocean, but stored very carefully in very advanced storages, and
countries slowly started to recycle them.

Most people fear that the nuclear technology has the ability
to make a nuclear bomb, which is devastating power, and harm others or may be
used in terror attacks. Nuclear power allows making a nuclear bomb, but these
kinds of risks such as its usage in the terror attacks, or by the evil forces,
enemies of the country. These risks can happen, but their happening range was
very low because Safeguards would detect any kinds of these happenings. The
other counter argument to that is in order to make a nuclear bomb, one requires
the enriched uranium, and the countries that already have the enriched uranium
will not give them because military materials are being released for civil use,
not for military use. This refutation also shows that the ability to make a
nuclear bomb requires too much process and material, but the countries that
already have them will not give them any other country to make a nuclear bomb,
this is not anymore thread.

As a conclusion, these evidences
and refutes show that the nuclear technology is very beneficial to humanity. It has a fearful image in some human’s
minds like the chance of explosion or
pollution but these are not a problem with
today’s technology which is more reliable and advanced compared to the older
nuclear technology. Nuclear power allowed humanity to reach beyond its limits.
Due to that governments should support
the use of nuclear technology because of
its contribution to the health industry, electric power, and
its reduction expenses.