1 adopted, type of the soil and the

Stabilization Tools:

There are many machines and tools can be used in stabilization.
Choosing the approperiate machine depends on the method adopted, type of the
soil and the soil area to be adjusted. Here the tools will be classified
according to the method used:

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Machines for Mechanical Methods 6:


Rammers: Rammers are compacting machines are used for a specific or small area. It
is possible to work by hand or machine operated. The size of the base of the
rammers can be 15x15cm or 20x20cm or more. See figure 8.

Figure 8 RAMMERS



Plate Compactors: This machines
can be used to compact coarse soils with fines from 4% to 8%. This equipment
can be used for small areas. The nature weights for these equipments changes
between 100kg and 2ton, also the plate area is varying from 0.13m^2 to 1.6m^2. See figure 9.

Figure 9 Vibrating Plate Compactors


Smooth Wheeled Rollers:
a. Static smooth wheeled rollers.
b. Vibrating smooth wheeled rollers.
equipment can be used with well graded sand, gravel, crushed rock, asphalt. Wherever
crushing is needed. These machines are usually used to finish the upper surface
of the ground. It cannot be used for compacting a uniform sand. If vibrating
smooth wheeled rollers is needed, the drum will vibrate by running rotating or reciprocating mass. See figure 10.

4.      Sheepsfoot Roller: Sheepsfoot rollers is usually
used with fine grained soils. For example, clay and silty clay. These machines
are usually used in embankments, dams, rail road construction projects and sub
grades layers in pavements. See figure 11.

5.      Pneumatic Tyred Rollers: Pneumatic tyred rollers are also called as rubber
tyred rollers. It can be used to compacting grained soil with
little fines. This equipment is less suitable for uniform course soils and
rocks. Pneumatic tyred rollers are usually
used for pavement subgrade work both earthwork and bituminous works. It has
wheels on both axles. This machine is usable for compacting of layered soil applying
uniform pressure along the roller width.
See figure 12.

6.      Grid Rollers: This machine is usable to compacting the well graded coarse soil and weathered
rocks. This machines are not usable for silty clay, clayey soil and uniform
soil. The weight of this machine can be changed with the increase of concrete
blocks. See figure 13.

Machines for Chemical Methods 7:


Here are some steps that explain which machines should be used in this

1.      Pulverize the area to be stabilized

2.      Uniformly spread stabilizing material

3.      Blend with the Asphalt Zipper machine

4.      Then homogenous mixture will appear

5.      Reshape

6.      Compact

7.      Pave

Figures below shows the machines with steps clearly: