1.      Problemstatement:Can Alex Sander’s performance beevaluated on the basis of the 360-degree feedback and also in general how canthe 360-degree feedback system be improved and used to comprehend one’sperformance. 2.

      Environmentalanalysis: Alex Sander’s presence in Landon is aboon for the company given the external situation it is currently in·        Cut throat competition in the skin careproduct industry in United States·        Pressure of launching of a skin care productby Avant-Garde as Nourish in US within a stipulated time of one year to beat acompeting product in the market. The product was no longer appealing in theWestern Europe.·        Landon is a small company acquired bymultibillion dollar European beauty company providing huge growth opportunitiesto it.

The factors are relevant as they arethe key factors that established Alex’s perfect fit within the company and alsosome of the key internal factorshave been mentioned in the further discussion.  3.      ProblemAnalysisWhyis Alex Sanders best fit for the organization?The presence of Alex sanders has beena boon for Landon. The external condition in which the company is necessitatesthe presence of an individual like Alex. The cut-throat competition inskin-care industry requires and individual who knows the customers and is ableto position the product to attract maximum customers.

Here is where Alex hasproved his importance. Alex has been able to get two products out in the marketwithin one year of joining Landon. Landon is a small company and has beenacquired by Avant-Garde, a multibillion dollar. So, Landon has been providedwith a huge growth opportunity. Avant-Garde has also selected Alex to launch anew product in US, “Nourish”, which needs rebranding and targeting to specificcustomers (Active American women in 20s and 30s). This decision is enough to denotethe importance of Alex in the organization.

To top it off, Avant-Garde has alsoallocated $25 million to speed up the process. Moreover, Alex works as aproduct manager, which also deals with the sales of the product. This type ofwork is usually a team work, one bad performer can pull down the performance ofthe whole team.

So, the person in charge of such team need to be motivate theteam members which is evident from Alex’s behaviour, he was strict withnon-performers as well knew to appreciates when they were putting in the extraeffort for the company.         4.      DecisionCriteria Three maincriteria or constraints with respect to the decision made by Sam Glass has beenidentified below:  a)      Focusing on the larger organisational goals ofexpansion and profitability Should SamGlass become sceptical of the performance evaluation system followed in Landonand should he ponder upon a better way to evaluate a high performer such asAlex, Landon, as an organisation, will be benefited with Alex’s indisputableknack for detailed and thorough analysis and his tireless work habits. The factthat Alex’s work habit and behaviour is the demand of the job, which may not beliked by the other employees, is key in Sam Glass’s decision. b)      Ensuring that Alex Sander realizeshis/her inability to lead a team (as apparently suggested by the employeesat Landon)   Sam Glassis torn between his bias in favour of Alex Sander and the result of thefeedback that has been presented to him. Instead of looking into the accuracyor the inaccuracy of the feedback, his simple solution could be to doabsolutely nothing about the feedback mechanism at Landon, but simply convinceAlex to change his approach in order to fit into the organisation.

 c)       Addressing the employee grievances andconcerning Alex’s work style Sam has athird option of taking the words of the feedback to the team. Samcould consider the feedback as a method of gauging the holistic view of theperson which under no circumstances could be inaccurate. d)      Recommendation & Action Plan: Sam Glassis in an extremely gruelling situation wherein he has to evaluate whethera 360* feedback mechanism could be a just measurement of Alex’sperformance. Accordingto us, Sam should recheck the reliability of this feedback mechanism. We wouldrecommend the first solution to Sam.

Sam should talk to the highermanagement regarding the feedback mechanism being a criterion to review aperformance in an industry with cut-throat competition and work whichrequires non-stop dedication and delivery. Alex’s subordinates must bemade aware of the super demanding nature of the job they are in and the factthat Alex may be the push that is required to make this expansionsuccessful.  Thus, Alexshould probably improvise on the feedback mechanism, by maybe introducing amethod which does not give a weight age component to the sub-ordinatescomplaints (these complaints are bound to persist, given the job demand).

However, these feedbacks can simply be taken for development purposes. 


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