1    Sometimes taking a step back is all someone needs to see what they have. This is what I did, I2    wasn’t sure if education was for me, it seemed like I couldn’t do exams or coursework but this3    last year has shown me all I needed was a new perspective.

4    I took the last year and developed my skills by working at a local shop.I learnt to follow5    what I was told and how to try work out a problem myself before requesting help which helped6    me build confidence. I also learnt that speed isn’t key and sometimes doing something slowly7    means its done correctly and more efficiently.8    In my spare time I continue my obsession which is IT, learning about web based code such as:9    HTML, Java and JavaScript. I downloaded programs that let me write code and used what I had10    learnt/I am learning to my advantage by letting me see first hand the code I type does and how11    the slightest changes can have major affects to the website I create.12    I am one six children and we competitive family. This means we are always trying to beat each13    other no matter what the activity may be, this means I have built up patience as well as have14    a strong work ethic to stay ahead of bend.

15    I am an avid enigmatologist. My favorite type of puzzle is the logic type as they aren’t usual16    difficult just rather complex. After I discovered the wonder that is Ciphers my brother and me17    would challenge each over by making ciphers and see who could “crack” each others quickest.18    I believe that it’s best not to tip toe around the subject at hand and honesty is the best19    policy. So no matter if I get accepted this year, I will reapply next year and year after20    that. This is because I believe I have got the skills to complete the courses I apply for and21    when the chance or opportunity arises I’ll be the first one to take it.


I'm Katy!

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