328 Katong Laksa


Feeling for laksa lately? 328 Katong Laksa is the answer!

Came here for a Brunch. I went to the one on
Queensway shopping centre, it was not crowded.

The Laksa comes in small, medium and large. Even
the small was a good quantity of delicious laksa, including otah, noodles and
prawn. The gravy is very flavorful. Spicy, but you can add extra chili if you
want to kick it up a notch.
Cost for small Laksa was S$5 which is judicious considering
the amounts.

They were very efficient and the order came out

This place is a typical small stall in the first
floor of Queensway Shopping Centre. The 
seating is a bit cramped, and consists of little plastic stools with no

Come here for the Laksa, not the ambiance! But
DO give it a try!





Ri ri mala xiangguo


Ri Ri Hong, the one who
started the mala ‘vibe’on Singapore ,  is
really in demand, It has two branches which is the People’s Park and Old Airport
Road Food Centre just to indulge the crowd. 

Not only reasonably priced,
but they also charge in a different way than what other stalls do, which was based
on the serving portions instead of weighing. Costs from $1 up to $3 ONLY!

The stall’s conception is really similar to yong tau foo which
is selecting our desired ingridients. But on Ri Ri Mala Xiang Guo, a staff
member will be there to assist you. Afterwards, you’ll get to choose the level
of spiciness you desire. Options include non spicy up to very spicy. Lastly,
you can choose if you want your ma la hot pot to be a little saucier nor dry.


This place is not even a minute’s walk away
from Chinatown MRT Station, so you can get here effortlessly. As the
environment is warm and poor ventilated , I recommend coming armed with
tissues. They will definitely come in handy when you get all sweat up after
munching on all that smoldering goodness.


Frezlink Cafeteria


down to the cheapest $2 noodle on the CBD area. YES. 2 dollar, you’re right. It
Serves 8 different kinds of noodles and has not raise its price until now.


personally like the mee rebus and mee siam most because the sauces are thick,
which is what mee siam should be like and last, it is not too sweet. The lor
mee is decent as well which comes with pieces of pork belly, eggs and fried
wanton skin. Laksa comes in very broad gravy that’s mildly spicy. I haven’t
tried the bak chor mee and wanton mee  before because it’s always sold out by the
time I reach there.  It’s only
$2, don’t be too picky about the taste, shall we?


Kweh chap 284 Bishan


One of my
top list of favored place to visit whenever I went to visit my family on
Bishan. It took me barely 5 minutes to walk down to the hawker centre, I
usually eat this as supper. All the intestines are
cleaned by the stall owners by Chinese wine, to 
ensure that there is porky smell is well removed. The best part of the Kway
Chap? It is very smooth & melt in your mouth.


Overall rating 3.5/5


Taste good Sim Lim Square


As an Indonesian, it is a must to try the salted egg menu on Tastes
Good! An unknown gem located  on the
second floor of Sim Lim Square that serves economical mixed rice dishes,
and the most on demand dish,  the famous Salted Egg Chicken with rice.


It opens I went there between 2 to 3 PM and the place was crowded by
Indonesians- YES, Indonesians like salted egg dishes, this restaurant was so
popular on my country. One of our favorite places in Singapore to satisfy our
cravings for Salted Egg goodness at Taste Good


The salted
egg was drenched in a creamy, flavorful
sauce, the chicken chunks were completely covered with salted egg goodness
that’s completely distinct here. What managed to impress further was how they
were able to stir-fry everything and let the fragrance of the chili and curry
leaves shine alongside; something that some stalls couldn’t really achieve.


I visited Taste Good for their highly-ranted Salted Egg Chicken with
rice and as expected, I am beyond impressed.







Swee Choon Dim Sum


A sudden crave for a good dim sum that is
affordable yet delicious? Try Swee Choon Dim Sum which is located on Jalan
Besar, Rochor! Opens from 11AM to 2:30PM 
and 6PM to 6AM, make sure you went on the correct time!


I went
for supper and had a few dishes;  siew
mai (2 for $2), sweet potato liu-sha balls,  steam salted egg custard bun, and Shrimp Hor Fun in Creamy Egg Sauce ($6) for my main course. The food
was not the kind that you could compare to those very “atas” dimsum places
which I could say most dishes was between 5 up to 7 out of 10 in taste. But hey, it is really affordable.


Last but not least, they kept develop their menu which is great!




Sushi Express


Suddenly crave for a good plate of sushi? Sushi
Express is on the go!

Most sushi restaurants will have price
their sushi based on the variety, but on Sushi Express, they price all their
sushi dishes at $1.50++! Don’t worry, the price couldn’t doubt the freshness of
the sushi. After doing searchings on internet , I’ve discovered that
ingredients are freshly flown in, their salmons was from the Norway. $1.50 for
a good salmon air-flown from Norway? Where could you find it else where? What a


The Sesame salad was my favorite for starter, salmon miso and
aburi salmon mentai for main and mango pudding for dessert. The Aburi Salmon
Mentai, one of their popular dish, always gets snapped up within seconds of
entering the belt. But hey, don’t worry, you could ask the staff to make it for
you! Want to know a fun fact?  Sushi Express was founded
in Taiwan, not Japan. Bet you didn’t know that! It has since expanded to China,
Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and America, with more than 300 outlets around
the world. You won’t find it in Japan, although there will likely be tons lookalikes.




Spize River Valley


Recommended by Shanen, a
fashion design student from MDIS.  ” Spize River Valley
opens till late, and offers everything from snacks to full carb meals, which
makes it a great place for a late dinner or supper, especially before/after a
party at the nearby Great World City.” said Shanen.

“There’s just so many things on the menu from
Roti John and Prata, to Maggi Goreng Thai and Nasi Ayam Kunyit, through to
steaks that sometimes, it’s just hard to decide what to eat. But not for me,
because I’ve got it figured out: Go for the Fried Kway Tiaw and Milo Dinosaur,
that’s probably the best thing on the menu in terms of portion, taste, balance,
and value. ” Shanen added.









Ah Chew Desserts


Touted as one of the best stores for
Chinese desserts, Ah Chew Desserts branched on Liang Seah, which is barely a
minute walk from the Bugis+ and Novena.

Their specialties such as Mango sago with
pomelo, steamed milk egg white , mochi made of rice ball and yam sago are very
popular amongst regulars. But based of my point of view, Mango durian sago and
mocha made of rice ball is my good-to-go dessert.

For the interior of the shop,
you could see  Chinese traditional
paintings spruce up  the store’s walls,
the décor kind of remind me of some dessert places in Hongkong. Be prepared to
hold up for a seat as the queue is usually at least a half an hour’s wait.

“Come early
if you want to avoid the crowds as it usually starts filling up at around
7.15pm.” Huiyin S stated.



I’m KIM Buffet


Big fans of Korean culture
will be very familiar with this buffet-style restaurant. Its prices are a huge reason I’m Kim Korean BBQ s a big hit
with students, the School of Arts students ,which is located a few minutes
away. Not only the acceptable price, the environment was filled with vibrant
K-pop culture, and sports big TV screens playing the hippest and newest Korean
pop artiste performances. 


“Wide variety of meat and ready to eat meals for example my
favorite japchae and tteobokki. Staffs are friendly, they clear used
plates and change the grill once they saw our grill got a little burnt.. A
great place for a sudden crave of Korean bbq’s! ” – Shanen,  a fashion student from MDIS


“The carbonara is a must ! My first time here and will be back
soon!  The soup was so flavorful! . Also
for location, it is very convenient. I could go shopping after eating here. Not
too expensive as I could waste barely $16 for only a good plate of meat on
other Korean bbq restaurants.  Perfect
for gathering! – said Icil, an accounting student from MDIS










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