1.) The clinical description aims more at the signs andsymptoms. Epidemiologic description focuses more on social and physicalenvironments, economic factors or individual factors such as gender and age.These two descriptions are similar because they both deal with clues.

These twodescriptions gather signs and symptoms in different approaches. 2.) A. This represented a movement away from super naturalexplanation of disease causation to a rational account of the origin of humankind’s illness.B. Since John Snows natural experiment, William Farrpromoted innovative use of vital statistics.

C. Natural experiments would give knowledge to people onways to stop a disease such as John Snows natural experiment story. D. This made it possible to classify a disease by specificcasual organism and group together diseases. 3.) A. Determinants- Factors or events that is capable ofbringing about a change in health.

Ex: Biologic agents, Chemical agents, lessspecific factors like stress, drinking and others. B. Distribution- Frequency of disease occurrence may varyfrom one population group to another. EX: Coronary heart disease occurrencediffers between Hispanics and non- Hispanics.C.

  Morbidity andMortality- Morbidity is illness and Mortality is death. 4.) A. Epidemic is an outbreak of a disease that seems to bespreading faster than usual.

B. In 1976, the first documentation of Ebola was recordedthen recently appeared again and was considered epidemic.  C. Pneumonia and Influenza 5.) Natural experiment refers to “naturally occurringcircumstances in which subsets of the population have different levels ofexposure to a supposed casual factor in a situation resembling an actualexperiment where human subjects would be randomly allocated to groups.

Changesin legislation to limit smoking in public places or to increase the speed limiton highways would be considered natural experiments because they both rely onwhat causes accidents have occurred or are occurring because of the stats of acertain place. For example, if the speed limit sign near a school is 50mph andkids are constantly afraid to cross the street and there are rosaries in thatarea often then maybe to an extent the speed limit should be much slower aroundschools from the statistics you have recorded.               


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