1. of marketing or buying expensive advertising is

1.     (25
points) Chapter 1 talks about “One-Way Interruption Marketing is Yesterday’s
Message.”  What is meant by that?  And, is Web marketing any different?  How? Give an example or two.

From what I’ve read in this
chapter, it means that the old rules of marketing or buying expensive
advertising is not an important factor in the new generation, instead just go
straight to the point and educate what people should know about it. I would
have to agree with why the old rules of marketing should not exist now because
I think it is a waste of time to interrupt a show especially on TV because you
can be doing something more important during the time of the commercial. Web
marketing is different from advertising because it has different ways to
advertise online and also it is less expensive. Advertising in person you have
to confront consumers while web marketing is an online based. For example,
regular advertising is more expensive because you have to pay to put advertising
signs versus web marketing you can use YouTube to advertise for free.

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2.     (25 points)
What is “The Long Tail of Marketing?” 
Explain it briefly, and would something like the Long Tail be possible without
Ecommerce?  Explain.  NOTE: You may want to read the Long Tail
article posted on Blackboard.


In my understanding of the Long Tail
article, it explains how businesses can and will produce most of their future income
from a long tail of niche products. There are a couple concepts that I
understand about the long tail marketing. First, I see that online markets have
a huge popular product that can outsell a fewer number of hit products which
allows competition with bestsellers. Second when the products are available to
everyone the tail gets longer because everyone else can produce their own
content. Lastly, everyone can now allocate their own content and make profit. I
would say that the Long Tail can’t be possible without Ecommerce because most
of the products sold in long tail marketing are conducted electronically on the
internet. For example, like amazon, eBay, or other online stores those are all
through the internet.


3.     (25
points) Chapter 3 is about “Reaching Your Buyers Directly.”  How is that any different than” Direct
Marketing” to consumers…….   Like they do
on infomercials or QVC?  Give some
example of what the textbook author is talking about.

Reaching yours directly is different from
direct marketing to consumers because most businesses now are using online
media to fulfill their buyers needs. As the author for this book explains in this
chapter that today marketers use web based media to deliver their information’s
through websites, blogs, and e-books. Another famous concept that they use to
interact is through social media such as face book and twitter. I would have to
agree to that because that is the most popular way they get my attention.

Unlike direct marketing to consumers like they do on infomercials or QVC it is
relied on expensive advertising and so much work before you can even get an
attention. They spend a large amount of money on television advertising when
online marketing or social media can cost them less. An example that the author
talks about in the book is a nonprofit organization called ZeroTrash they
wanted to tackle the problem providing sufficient infrastructure for public
trash and recycling. The organization used Facebook and was a success to their