1 Intorduction to CompanySelecting the right technology partner is not always easy, with GleeTech, the choice is simple. GleeTech build long lasting relationships with its clients on the foundation of trust and transparency. With every client, company take the one-on-one approach which allow the company to create value for their customers, achieving better results and providing smart solutions to complex problems. The company team works to address all IP, confidentiality and security concern of our clients.

The company is more than just  tech service. They also provide intelligent solutions to their users. Moreover they provide rapid prototypes,  MVP  and highly scalable commercial solutions. GleeTech partners enjoy the following benefits which are as follows (Gleetech, 2017):• 100+ years of collective experience to form strong strategy (Gleetech, 2017).• Agile practices to deliver better results.• Broad spectrum of technical skills to avoid technical issues.• AI/Machine learning experts to make smarter solutions.

• Fast and low cost prototyping for testing ideas to save time and money.• Flexible options for working together to suit your working style (Gleetech, 2017).1.1 Competence and capabilitiesGlee Tech approach every client’s project with the same, tactical strategy (Approach, 2017).

They begin Mobile App development by analyzing the client requirements to discover the value propositions (Approach, 2017). The company or any member first meet with client to understand business goals of client. Then, they write a detailed technical requirement’s report and receive your feedback. In this report, GleeTech will consider and address all technical issues, while offering multiple alternative options. This helps make your decisions faster and easier.

After the initial meeting, the company will curate the high-level requirements and provide a quote on the cost of the development services (Approach, 2017). Once the client finalizes requirements, the design mockups will be provided to clarify the product further and provide a visual design of the product. GleeTech will provide 2-3 options concerning the color scheme and layouts of the design to get feedback from clients, unless a preference is outlined in the earlier requirement stage. After  receiving feedback on the mockups, the concern department develop the user interface and discuss the user experience of the product. Immediately after getting feedback from the client; company start the development process.This process initially focuses on a backend/DB of the product, producing the initial prototype.

This prototype typically takes 1-2 weeks of development work and it integrates the user interface. Then, asking feedback from clients on the initial prototype (Approach, 2017).Because GleeTech are committed to delivering the highest quality products for our clients, company provide a dedicated Quality Assurance process that strengthens the quality of the code and reduces the bugs in the system, apart from this process is writing different use cases of the products and discussing the business rules of the products. Every release/outcome of the development process is tested against all of these cases to ensure that the product is aligned with all of the business rules (Approach, 2017).The launch approach is specific, including an Alpha Release, Beta Release, Public Beta Release, and finally, a Public Release. Firstly for building the MVP requires approximately three months, then scale it into a scalable product. Because company know launching tech products can be tedious, they provide cloud services and manage all server related issues with their clients and partners. In addition, all of our services come with 12 months of free support and minor applications updates (Approach, 2017).

GleeTech team consist of Agile Certified Practitioners and strictly follow scrum for software development. By following this strategic approach to project management, they are able to maximize their efficiency for their clients. Company iteratively build products from initial prototypes and planning sprints.

On each team, company have a Scrum Master who is responsible for coordinating with the clients and managing the development tasks. Throughout the product development, clients play an integral role. Company works with their clients at every stage to stay on track and fulfill the criteria of the project (Approach, 2017).1.2 Customer Resource ManagementGleeTech manage company interactions with their current and future clients through Customer Relationship Management products. GleeTech CRM is a SaaS based product which is highly customizable to the client unique business needs. This product will help clients to build healthy relationships with their customers while offering the essential features of modern CRM solutions (Gleetech, 2017).What sets Glee CRM apart is the basis on Big Data Analytics, providing a 360 view of the customer through custom generated reports of client insights.

These reports combine internal data with external channels, like social media and the Internet, for a powerful insight tool. Use Glee CRM, the leading CRM solution to expedite the sales delivery process and follow up with each customer by keeping track of inactive and active orders (Gleetech, 2017).The primary Glee CRM features include:• Contact Management• Bulk Import/Export• Mobile Friendly• Account Management• Email MarketingPropel the benefits of the Glee CRM by developing a custom component or adding the following components (Gleetech, 2017):• Customer Support/ticket Management• Lead Management• Opportunity Management• Sales Forecasting• Reporting & Performance Tracking• Chat• Customizable Email Templates• Telephony using VoIP1.3 Human Resource ManagementPeople Sonic is a SaaS based product which helps to manage employees and automate the HR tasks. It includes the following features (Gleetech, 2017).• Employee Self Service• Documents Management• Attendance Management System• Leave Management System• Holidays Management System• Payroll• Employee Performance Reviews• Multi-level logins for Employees, Managers and Company Admins• Multi-level, Roles/Permissions• Company Event Calendar• Email Templates• Manual/Auto Email and SMS notifications• Application Tracking• Anonymous Feedback System• Mobile/Tablet AppsAbove mentioned features are still under development.  GleeTech also provide their customer custom component base on the requirements of their customers on HRM solutions (Gleetech, 2017).

2 Department introductionGleeTech in Rawalpindi Pakistan  has above 50 employees and the company has multiple departments like HR, Development, Sales, Marketing, Support, Management etc.  Each department perform different task according to the said company rules. During my internship I was mainly the part of Management department.

I performed different responsibilities within and outside the department.2.1 Team IntroductionI was working with my two colleagues Malik Aslam, who was looking after the learning component & International Management and Liaquat Hussain who was managing the Talent Management component. The team members and colleagues were very helpful and keep assisting me to learn the different processes of  department at GleeTech throughout my internship.  Some of the other departments details are mentioned below.2.2 Management DepartmentGlobalization was found in the early 1990s  which was the ultimate stage for the development of International Management.

At GleeTech this department looks over different issues related to government policies, rules and regulations  and challenges which are being faced internationally (Gleetech, 2017). 2.3 Development DepartmentDevelopment department has multiple teams that work on different technologies like Android, iOS, PHP and .NET. Mobile application development is done in Android and iOS there are few developers working in hybrid technologies. Web development is carried out in PHP and .NET (Gleetech, 2017).  2.

4 Quality Assurance DepartmentThis department has a QA manager who keeps check on the quality of products. QA engineers are assigned to development teams and their main goal is to keep the process up to the mark and catch bugs in products (Gleetech, 2017).2.5 Creative DepartmentThis department has graphic designers under one creative head. Main purpose of this department is to make layouts and screens for mobile applications and web applications. Amina Mazhar is a Digital Media Manager at GleeTech.2.6 Sales DepartmentSales department has people who work to make sales and it has a sub department that is marketing but it comes under sales.

 2.7 HR DepartmentHR department has a HR manager that handles all the legal issues of the employees, gives training and suggests courses for the development of employees. It also helps in managing the hierarchy and issues that employees face. 2.8 Administration DepartmentAdministration department controls the security environment and safety issues in the office.

This department also views the finance and budget of the organization which is allocated by the CEO of the organization (Gleetech, 2017).3 Project and RoleFollowing are the under mentioned responsibilities which I performed as an intern at GleeTech during my eight weeks tenure.3.1 First three weeksThe first week at Gleetech was spent in my on boarding. I was introduced to my immediate team members and those in extended human resources. I took a mandatory safety training which is compulsory for all the new employees in order to be aware of the safety procedures while on the site, It is very important to be aware of the safety precautions. During the next week, I was briefed about the projects going on in our department and I had a very productive meeting with my manager about my internship expectations.

Before I go into my project expectations, I would like to give a brief overview about the three big projects I was heavily involved in the main projects which centers on providing IT and management solutions to our Glee CRM, This contains the following training which I learn from the organization are as follows.3.1.1 Training in business consultancyIn this area, I have learned different marketing techniques to sell a software product and not just that I have gone through a process in which I got to learn, how to work with clients for making strategies and solving problems 3.1.

2 Training in market and product assessmentLearned the mechanism of assessing a product, its weaknesses. Strengths, opportunities and threats. Although I gained knowledge during my courses at university, but here I got the chance to implement my knowledge practically and got experience.

 3.1.3 Training in relationship managementWith the advancements in technology its getting easy for product owners and support teams to stay in touch with the clients . I have learned how to stay in touch with clients and ways to keep them happy even in crises by using different IT tools like CRM. Moreover with the help of this tool I also got the understanding of tickets and how follow up a particular ticket.3.1.4 Training in compliance and regulatory measures and trade agreementsHere I got to know the rules that are usually followed in this industry and ways to stay safe with agreements and legal bindings according to rules and regulations of the country.

During my internship I have learned what steps one has to follow while doing trade agreement with clients, companies and government institutions. 3.2 Week 4th, 5th & 6thThe overall aim of these three weeks is to provide me with competencies required to prepare, analyze and evaluate feasibility studies. This involves building a feasibility study financial model using hands-on training on Microsoft Excel. It also aims at enabling participants to appraise service and industrial investments using different capital budgeting techniques as well as analyzing the related financial parameters.3.2.

1 Training in market risk assessmentSystematic risks can ruin a business and I have learned to assess major risks when it comes to the market. I have been working closely with the support team that provides details about what are the ongoing issues clients are facing and also learnt to keep eye on competitors. 3.2.

2 Training in third party vendor managementTo ensure quality third party vendor management we look at risk management. Trying our best to provide quality updates to our clients and make sure the processes are followed (quality assurance process followed by GleeTech)3.3 Week 7th & 8thThe Last two weeks, I worked on my internship report presentation and some of the other factors which are as follow: 3.3.1 Data reporting & PresentationThe work required in this part was mainly reporting data of clients (national and international clients) that are fresh, having problems and slipping away and then making schemes to make them happy. If they are new, give them deals.

if they are having problems then send their requests to support team. If they are slipping away then try to know the reasons why they are leaving.3.3.2 Client networking In this I learned ways to become a good listener and I learned the behavior of our support team with our clients, how these people interact with clients and how they help them.

This brought an end to a fascinating 8 weeks at GleeTech. I cherish the moments I spent with my colleagues. On my last day, they gave me a card with everyone’s messages and this was a lovely gesture.Chapter 44 ChallengesInternational business management is a term that is used collectively to describe all commercial transactions which include;• Private• Governmental• Sales• Investments• TransportationThe above mentioned commercial transaction take place between two or more nations.

It involves all business activities which take part in cross border activities of goods, services and resources between nations. Private companies and the government take part in international business for profit and political reasons respectively.Every business has its difficulties and presents its own challenges in when it comes to operating it successfully. Countries and firms that operate at international level, undergo challenges and that prove how successful the company or country shall be.4.1 Challenges faced in international businessThe main aim of any international business is to be successful in the countries they are operating and make their products or service a global name.

The challenges that are brought about by international business include: • Political system and policy • Economic policy • Legal policy • Language/ communication barrier• Environmental standards • Corporate and local culture• Foreign exchange markets• Import and export regulations • Trade agreements Above mentioned are the most common challenges in the international business sector that affect countries, local firms and global industries. Challenges in international business is broad term and it affects different sectors that which are as follows1. The firm2. The country3. The industry 4.

2 The Firm and International BusinessThe presence of international business in the country (example – Uganda) causes strain in the local business industry. It is considered rather difficult to penetrate the local industry due to the presence of international, multinational and private companies.The challenges brought about by international business to the local industry/firm include the following; • Less local production• Loss of domestic jobs – Certain labor-intensive industries (textile and software development industry).• Increases unemployment, thus loss of jobs in domestic industry. • Barriers to enter the market and the primary aspect which can badly influence to business performance.

Business may need to wait for long-term gains• Financial problemThe challenges brought  about in the local industry are similar to those in international businesses.4.3 The Country, Industry and International BusinessInternational business is considered to be very significant in a country and its industry due to the presence of multinational companies. International trade is the exchange of resources, goods and services between two countries. The trade can only occur when both countries are aware and are in agreement of the terms to trade. To a country and industry, international business enhances the infrastructure of the whole country. This brings about profitable investments, innovation, creation of jobs and it enhance the political and economical sector of a country. (example – The Flower industry in Kenya) However with international trade, brings about barriers and challenges in the two operating countries.

 The host country plays an important role in the decisions of the country or industry it shall trade with. It must assess the foreign exchange control policies, the tax structure and the tax policies of the host country must be studied and considered.Chapter 55 Key learning’sInternships are becoming a requirement in a lot of job fields and academic programs nowadays in order to move onto entry positions. Whether you’re working in an office or shadowing someone on the job, internships are a great way to gain professional experience and gain a little insight into a field that might  interest you. As a rising senior in university, I had internship experiences so far, and here’s my top-ten list of things I learn during and after complete an internship at GleeTech.

5.1 How to Work as a TeamMany internships, particularly in GleeTech have multiple people working on a project at once. It’s the harsh truth that no one wants to hear: group projects never end. Much like in university, everyone on the team will be assigned different parts to complete to ultimately create a final product (software or any solution), whatever that may be. DO. YOUR. PART.

Working with other people at internship will help you to enhance your professional skills, and when you see the finished project you’ll be able to tell how important it was for everyone to come together and combine their skill sets.5.2 Communication SkillsCommunication is the key for a successful internship. I cannot stress enough how important clear, concise, and quick communication has been in my internship at GleeTech. Between meetings, emails, instant messaging, note-taking, presentation and documenting, an internship will increase your communication skills. A good communication channel ensures that projects get completed on time and concerns are brought up. It also makes sure that everyone is doing their part and receiving feedback.5.

3 Talatent ManagementI understood how difficult it can be for small-medium sized organizations to retain their top talent with the budget constraints. Since I have a very deep interest in Talent Management, this was particularly very interesting for me. 5.4 You’re Going to Make MistakesMistakes will happen, whether they’re minor or major. Remember that everyone sometimes, even the big bosses (CEO and Managers) makes mistakes. The most important thing is that you understand what you did, why you did it wrong, and how to do it correctly in the future. Internships are a learning experience and interns tend to get more margin in mistake-making, but remember to always bring up if you think you may have done something wrong, especially if it could affect the outcome of a project.

 5.5 How to Take Constructive Criticism Because you’re going to make mistakes and how to fix them, you’re also liable to receiving constructive criticism about your work. By nature, we don’t like to be criticized. Performance evaluations are scary.

Remember that your boss is not picking your flaws for the purpose of beating up your ego. Your manager (boss) merely wants the company to operate as smoothly as possible, and telling you how you can do better will improve the quality of your work. Try not to take anything personal and remain calm!5.6 There’s a Hierarchy—And You’re at the Bottom Some internships are amazing, but regardless of the company, interns are still at the bottom of the hierarchal chain. You might be asked to do some really boring work, but I always remember that everyone else started just this as I did, and promotions comes with time, dedication and experience.

5.7 You’re Still More Important Than You Think Even if you’re  at the bottom of the career hierarchy, this doesn’t mean the company doesn’t need you! If you stay with an internship for awhile, you gain networking, mentors, and experience. Some companies may even hire you once you’re out of university because you already know so much about the company policies. When you’re an intern, it can sometimes be easy to get the sense that you don’t really matter.

 5.8 The 9-5 Life is What You Make of ItNot that all internships are 9-5, but some internships are to you a real job experience. Working 9-5 Monday-Friday can make you feel a little bit like you became a part of  corporate culture, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 5.9 How to Look the PartWhat you’ll be wearing every day usually depends on the company dress code policy, but in a professional setting, if you have to question whether or not something is work appropriate it’s probably better to leave it at home.

Dress codes are a part of looking the part as a young professional, and dress codes in internships will prepare you to dress well in the real world.5.10 How to Write the PartNowadays, online and email communication plays a large part in most companies. Because of this, you will learn how to interact with others formally and what sort of language is expected out of  you at the job.  Aside from business emails, it’s important to remember to address your superiors professionally, even if you are friends outside of work.5.11 You Will Move Onto Bigger ThingsInternship at GleeTech is great and you can get really comfortable in the setting that you’re in, but don’t let this distract you from the world of opportunity that’s waiting for you after graduation. Sometimes, you also might find yourself getting a little down about your internship because of the feeling that you are at the bottom of chain.



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