1) IGN: BurninPh30nix2) AGE: I am currently 15 years of age.3) Are you a donor? If so what rank? I am not a donator.4) How long have you played on the Astro Network? I have only joined the server briefly as I was staff before, but do to the fact the server hasn’t released I have not had much playing time.5) Do you have Skype and/or Discord? Yes, I have both of these.6) Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Timezone) US & Canada7) How active are you? Once again similar to the how long have you played question, I have not been active server wise, but however I have been semi-active on the discord server. If I were to be accepted my activity would greatly increase over a period of time. 8) Have you previously been staff on any other servers? Please list the servers and ranks. Yes, I have been staff on previous servers. The servers following are servers I am / have / had staff on before: SkyMetro > HelperFire Network > HelperDexal Craft > Manager / ModRival HQ > ManagerKraken HCF > ManagerResurrect HCF > ManagerCitadel Craft > AdminEquity Network > ManagerAurora MC > ManagerMiracle Realm > AdminNuclear HCF > ManagerJurassic PvP > Owner / ManagerBlazePvP > HelperPraetorian PvP > ManagerPhalanx PvP > ManagerDream Realm > ManagerKromptus > Co-OwnerPandora MC > AdminLogicalPvP > HelperExmoPvP > AdminAstro Network > AdminZone HCF > ManagerDark Magic > OwnerAesthetic Craft > Manager9) What game mode do you play the most? In the Minecraft community the game mode I most enjoy would be factions as its team building and involves communication between a group of players. Also a great game mode for establishing friendships and possibly even life term memories.10) How well do you know the community? How well does the community know you? As the community currently is fairly small I don’t know that many people besides Rapid (Synced), Penguin, Enix, and some other staff I spoke to shortly. I’ve also seen some of the players around. How well does the community know me? That’d be a question for the community since I wouldn’t know. To the community I’m most likely a bystander on the staff team, but as my position grew I would gain some more respect and I would give more respect in return.11) Why should we choose you over other applicants? I should be chosen over other applications because of my experience of the ability I have to quickly problem solve difficult situations. Being a staff member is not much different from being a customer service employee since you have to deal with customers situations. As said previously I have the ability to quickly solve these problems and serve the next customers. I’m also very enthusiastic about what I do making it enjoyable for the community as well as those apart of the team with myself. Yes, I can fairly strict in certain situations I can also be humorous and lenient towards first offenders. Also all of my experience managing and being in different environments while staffing would help me know how to handle different problems with different types of individuals. I understand that when you become a staff member you have the same “rights” and respect as a normal player, but rather a higher amount of responsibilities making your job more dependent towards the server. 12) How can you benefit the Network by becoming Helper? There are many ways I can benefit the network by becoming a helper. First I would get my jobs and do those as soon as possible. My work ethic would make me be able to get my work done quickly and with little error. I also have the experience as a manager so I would be able to handle tasks for higher positions if given the opportunity. Helper are more for moderating the chat so I would make the experience for those who are playing more enjoyable by creating an environment in which they could play then. Some of my expertise is: Deal with customers, players, and spectators properly in difficult situations.Justify people’s reason with understanding so that all ideas and motives are used in the process.Catastrophic problems are solved rapidly so no destruction is done to the victims, witnesses, and the doers.Everyone is equal and we understand that staff isn’t purely for the commands and the fame.As a staff member you should know the limits to your actions, but also know when to and how to use them.Punish people to the point where the situation won’t re-occur, not as a threat, but a warning.The type of work provided is essential and manageable for members of the staff team to overcome.Train staff to the point that they know what their doing and can overcome any situation.Have necessary qualifications and expertise for the position, as well as lots of experience.Practice works of moderation, managing, developing, and administration weekly.Not only do we recruit successful individuals based off responses, but interview them so they can expand with their words.Most staff are staff purely for the rank and the commands, this is unacceptable and should be stopped.Harsh critiquing of applications so only the best of the best are brought into both your server and our business.Supply a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our customers and members.Efficiently get to work on the desired / assigned jobs and make sure the work looks presentable. Discord + MoreAfter acceptances do interviews to see what it would be like to work with the individual then discuss further with staff.Use common sense while dealing with miniscule complications.13) Tell us about yourself: My name is John, but people call me J.R. I always do my best to make others feel at home and especially make an welcoming and family-friendly economy. With me as staff I would do my duty all day and night trying to make this server reach its full potential and being. Also I feel you should know that I have many qualities such as humorous, hard-working, dedicated, kind, generous, helpful, respectful, creative, caring, intelligent, welcoming, resourceful, ethical, use good common sense, and treat other as I want to be treated. My expertise mainly is focused towards managing of any kind. Minecraft has influenced me to do more in life and also step out of my comfort zone to try new things. My creativity will allow me to create good server ideas and make the community larger. After playing Minecraft and being staff on other servers I realized what hard-work and dedication consists of, and have realized how good at building I am. If you would like any further information you can contact me via Discord, TeamSpeak, forums, or in game. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week!


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