1. IntroductionInternet has become an important element part of life which cannot be ignored (Khan, 2006) . The developments of science and technology have brought significant changes for human society.  Thanks to the Internet, people now can up-to-date new information and connect with other people in other country without traveling. While the Internet is an era of explosive growth, new forms of communication have increasingly attracted large audiences. Internet users – especially young people, began to search for a place to satisfy every demand for information, entertainment, and connection. As a result, the social network was born which responded almost perfectly the needs. In 1997, the first social network site was introduced through the website named “Sixdegree.com” (Boys & Elliion, 2007). In these days, there are a great number of different social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It is undeniable that Social Networking had brought numerous benefits for computer users. However, it also has some drawbacks. People tend to spend more than usual time on social networking sites to update news, seek for entertainment and chat with friends. It leads to an addiction to the youth when they prefer logging and surfing sites instead of concentrating on their study and work. Therefore, this paper aims to provide an overview of Social Network and present both the positive and negative impacts of using Social Network on the Youth.2. Discussion of findings2.1. Literature Review of Social NetworkUntil now, there has been no exact definition of Social Network. However, according to Boyd & Ellison in 2007, social networks are web-based services that allow users to build a public or semi-public within a system; articulate a user list with shared relationships; and observe the list of relationships of those persons with other people within the system. As it was the first website in the world in 1997, SixDegrees.com allows users to create their own profile, make online-friend and communicate with the other and it attracted millions of users. Unfortunately, the website disappeared in 2001 because of their lack of complexity. These networks were very simple to use and even too simple. Users of SixDegrees could only invite and accept friend requests from their contacts (SKEMA Business School, 2010). Following this invention, numbers of social networking websites have been created. Along with the increasingly popularity, social network sites were advance with new and special features. According to statistics by Search Engine Journal in 2014, 72% of Internet users were currently active on social networks, 71% of users access the Internet from mobile devices. The proportion of social network users aged 18-29 reached 89%, while the age group 30-49 was only 72%; 60% of people aged 50-60 were active on social networks, while those over 65 were just 43%. Moreover, according to Appota ‘s report in 2017, Vietnam had 38 million social network users and 94% used mobile to social network daily.(trich nguon)Timeline of the launch dates of many major SNSs and dates when community sites re-launched with SNS features (Boyd and Elison, 2006) 2.2. Benefits of using Social Network to the Youth Over the past few years, the popularity of social network has rapidly increased because of the great number of benefits it bringing to users. By social network, people connect with new people, share their opinions with likeminded people and up-to-date with news information around the world.Many young people already know how to use social networks most effectively. Through social networks, they equip themselves with knowledge, improve their self-worth. Social networking is a place people can connect the community, share the unhappiness, joy of people with the same heart sympathy and help those who have poor conditions, need the help of society. Through the social network, young people have promptly praised the scapegoat. The excellent individuals make contributions to life. Many young people also use social networking sites where advertising, business and other sales activities are very effective and bring high income.In addition, social networking affects the lives of young people today by exploring their needs, goals and ways of using social networks. Members of social networking sites work together to form groups of people with the same interests, interests and wishes that can be meet, exchanged online, and progressed offline.Many mobilization campaigns, calls for help, sharing and relief to the compatriots who have difficulties, also conducted through social networks have quickly attracted attention and received the practical contribution  from other people, organization or the Government. This is the good impact that social networking brings to human life.Moreover, due to the diverse functions and the increasing number of members, social networking has changed the old habits and formed new manifestations of thinking, lifestyle and culture … in pretty big parts of the users. Exchanges, cultural exchanges seem to be happening all over the globe. By interacting, sharing useful information, people have access to, received, filtered and taken what is useful for their own lives.With the rapidly growing and modern development of social networking, the new trend of the information society has posed interesting but complex questions about the management of virtual social networks. How? How to promote the area of “virtual” organization for “real” society, especially for gender young?2.3. Risk of using social network for young peopleFor all of its advantages, social network is something of a double-edged swordBeside of the positive aspects, social networking also cause harm to users, especially young people.The most common is the emergence of “addiction” social networking in the youth. They are likely to spend a lot of time surfing the net, accessing and searching for information that is useless, even harmful; play online games regardless of time and many people start to play violent games .From the reception but the source of bad information, the deviation leads to misunderstandings, mistakes. Researchers have calculated that every day, at least one person has lost 20% of their time to surfing.In addition, the user also dreaded the health of the risky games such as games, facebook, porn movies, … Do not approach the social network is a big mistake but overuse it, take it Virtual representation of real life is a stupid thing.Screen access for hours will hurt the eye, increase the heart rate, nervous tension, body tired of excitement. People who use social networks are often lazy to trigger arthritis pain syndrome, pain, numbness shoulder pain. It even leads to sudden death. Many cases of stroke due to gaming and surfing have taken place in many countries around the world, warning people who are spending a lot of time on this.Overwhelming social networking is the first failure on the road to true knowledge. Social networking is essentially a “virtual world” where people cheat on themselves, their own illusions, or believe it to be true. Social networking is an adventure game with your own health and well-being.When we do not find the joy that we expect, we often move on to the next pursuit … to infinity. This search trend will not stop because the attractiveness of social networking is immeasurable.But the value of “truth” does not match what we spend, sometimes nothing. The real loss of a player is time, money, health and happiness if we lack control when approaching it.The “addict” social networking is often exploited by marketers. Advertisers take advantage of our expected joy by telling us that we will be happier if we buy or use something or express “status” like something the network operator out.The users of the network often become the object of the network operators to what they want, from which to investigate, statistics needed data. An interesting test is always motivated in the back. Sales, discounts and special promotions are nothing more than taking advantage of the expected fun.In fact, businesses have profited tremendously from social networking sites due to advertising and marketing of this potential customer.Social networkers are often the target of cybercrime. Every 40 minutes, police in the world again received a phone call informing about a crime related to the social networking site Facebook. In particular, in 2011 the UK authorities have identified about 12,300 criminal offenses linked to social networking sites.Social networks always create the danger of stalking those who believe, lack of knowledge. Social networking is the place where many criminal offenses originate. Typically, fraud and sexual abuse are on the rise.The sharing of information, content, images with relatives, friends were accidentally used by bad guys and used for bad purposes. Many cases of provocation, defamation, threats, etc. on the Internet have caused confusion for many. Many individuals and organizations have taken advantage of the social network to propagandize, mislead information, combat the state, causing serious damage to the social order and public opinion.Many individuals and organizations take advantage of the indirectness and psychology of many people, through self-directed social networking, lacking in accurate information   about their activities. The instantaneous interaction of the online world has the power to “honor” or “destroy” honor, human career in just a moment. Many individuals are just for the sake of an online gossip that has lost their whole family, career and life


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