1.      MobileApplication Creator & Application task Income:Hey you allcomputer freaks this one is for you!If you love programmingand are proficient in some programming language like C, C++, Java, php then youcan definitely develop a mobile application & put it over App store. Themain revenue based model used in app development are “in app purchase” and”previewing ads”. Generally app store of leading brands apple and google storeregulates spam app developer by a minimal initial charges of  $25.

The creativityand uniqueness in the skill of the app developer are the deciding factors forthe success. Usually market demand is generated by users but in app developmentthere is always a need for whichever app or game a developer creates due to thehuge growth in smartphone market worldwide. Some of theleading app are Tinder, Clash of Royale, Clash of Clan, Applock, Subwaysurfer, Candy Crush Saga. Some internet based industries uses app for thebest customer experience and easy accessibility for clients. Some of them are Facebook,Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Skype.Now if youthink that you are just a beginner as programmer, don’t worry. Read This:A Swedish app developer SvenKarlson built an Android app that does nothing & earned more than $ 2Million.

This app is called Nothing and basically displays the word ‘Nothing’in four different colour variants on a white background. This app cost around $0.98 & made the developer a millionaire.     So now you should have got enoughmotivation! Move forward with the idea. Don’t fear failure.

“Success consist ofgoing Failures to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston ChurchillNow again, if you don’t belong toany above category & you are totally infantile about programming with zeropercent interest then there another solution for you guys.Some apps in app store providesuser with rewards, gift coupons and sometime with real money.

All you need todo is some tiny tasks. Generally these app can be classified into 3 categories.a)     Referral task : Paytm, Google Tez, hikemessenger,PhonePeb)     Survey Based task : Survey cow,Google OpininRewards,Mintcoins,CashPirate(Source)c)      Add impression based task : Slide-joy, Keettoo(Source)To more about these app Click the Link:Android Applications That Pays You#  change words


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