10. IndiGo10. IndiGoREUTERS/Adnan AbidiPrevious rank: eightWhy it’s awesome: The New Delhi-based airline burst on the scene in 2006 and quickly became one among the simplest low-priced carriers in Asia. The airline operates a current fleet of quite one hundred airliner A320 jets. With quite four hundred airliner jets on order, IndiGo is one among the fastest growing airlines within the region.  Reviewers on Skytrax praised the airline for its nice cabin service and smart worth for cash. For the eighth consecutive year, IndiGo has been named Best low-priced Airline in Central Asia / Bharat.See extra airline info at Skytrax.9. Southwest Airlines9. Southwest AirlinesSouthwestPrevious rank: N/AWhy it’s awesome: With quite 700 Boeing 737 jets in its fleet, Southwest is one among the most important airlines within the world. Over the past four decades, Southwest has attained a name for delivering low-priced flights with a smile. additional recently, the company’s free checked bag policy has attained it extensive praise from the flying public. See extra airline info at Skytrax.8. Azul Brazilian Airlines8. Azul Brazilian AirlinesAPPrevious rank: tenWhy it’s awesome: Azul Brazilian Airlines is that the latest product of JetBlue and WestJet co-founder David Neeleman. The Sao Paolo-based airline operates a fleet of recent airliner, ATR, and Embraer airliners primarily on routes at intervals Brazil. Its airliner fleet currently operates to restricted destinations within the North American country and Europe.In addition to a high ten end, Azul conjointly picked up the awards for Best low-priced Airline in South America and Best Airline workers in South America for the second year during a row. See extra airline info at Skytrax.7. AirAsia X7. AirAsia XAirbusPrevious rank: half-dozenWhy it’s awesome: AirAsia X is that the long-haul subsidiary of Malaysia’s low-priced mega airline AirAsia. The airline’s fleet of airliner A330-300 jets area unit outfitted with each premium and economy cabins and operates throughout Asia. In fact, the low-priced airline’s premium service garnered AirAsiaX with the Skytrax awards for World’s Best low-priced Airline Premium Cabin and World’s Best low-priced Airline Premium Seat for a second consecutive year.See extra airline info at Skytrax.6. Jetstar Airways6. Jetstar AirwaysFlickr/Jetstar AirwaysPrevious rank: fiveWhy it’s awesome: JetStar Airways the low-priced subsidiary of Australia’s national airline — Qantas. The Melbourne-based airline operates a fleet of airliner A320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Skytrax reviewers praised the airline for its quality cabin service and smart worth for cash.For the sixth year during a row, Jetstar has been named Best low-priced Airline in Australia & Pacific. See extra airline info at Skytrax.5. Virgin America5. Virgin AmericaVirgin AmericaPrevious rank: twoWhy it’s awesome: even if Virgin America is not any longer the simplest low-priced airline in North America, it remains one among most beloved carriers within the skies. The San Francisco-based dress shop carrier offers the design and high-quality service expected from a Virgin-branded company, however with the competitive costs of a low-priced carrier. In 2016, the corporate was sold-out to AK Airlines for $2.6 billion. The whole is predicted to disappear by 2019.  See extra airline info at Skytrax.4. EasyJet4. EasyJetREUTERS/Srdjan ZivulovicPrevious rank: fourWhy it’s awesome: Over the past twenty years, easyJet and its essential, low-priced approach has helped it become one among the world’s leading budget airlines. The airline’s fleet of quite 230 airliner jets fly to roughly 800 destinations throughout Europe. Reviewers on Skytrax praised the airline for its solid service and low costs. See extra airline info at Skytrax.3. JetBlue Airways3. JetBlue AirwaysJetBluePrevious rank: N/AWhy it’s awesome: Since its origin in 1998, New York-based JetBlue has helped raise the quality of service and amenities for low-priced carriers within the North American country. The airline’s signature mood lighting, friendly service, complimentary television system at the side of free food associate degreed snacks create it an trade leader economy flying. In fact, at thirty four inches of pitch, JetBlue’s airliner A320 fleet has the roomiest economy seats within the North American country. See extra airline info at Skytrax.2. Norwegian2. NorwegianNorwegianPrevious rank: threeWhy it’s awesome: Norwegian Air is one among the foremost aggressive and debatable airlines within the world. The low-priced carrier had drawn the ire of its North American country competitors by proposing a concept to control trans-Atlantic flights victimisation associate degree Ireland-based subsidiary. The airline’s critics claim that such a move would permit Norwegian to flaunt Norway’s strict labor laws and use eire as a flag of convenience. Norwegian has denied these accusations. Regardless, Norwegian corporate executive Bjørn Kjos has won U.S. approval to launch ultra-low-cost trans-Atlantic flights from smaller airports within the Northeastern a part of the country. Controversy aside, the airline remains beloved by its customers. Norwegian has been named Best low-priced Airline in Europe 5 years during a row. additionally, the corporate is another time the World’s Best long-term low-priced Airline.See extra airline info at Skytrax.1. AirAsia1. AirAsiaAirbusPrevious rank: oneWhy it’s awesome: For the ninth year during a row, AirAsia has attained the title of World’s Best low-priced Airline. corporate executive Tony Fernandes and his team have done a miraculous job over the past fifteen years to show alittle, failed, state-owned airline in one a multi-national aviation juggernaut.Reviews of AirAsia on Skytrax praise the airline for its responsive client service, friendly cabin crew, and economical operation.See extra airline info at Skytrax.


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