10. Select the relevant stakeholders like potato export



The following
methodologies will be followed for the total process of this study.

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10.1. Research Deign: The study will be completed by collecting the
data from secondary source and relevant stakeholders as primary source. The
research design will be developed by following the below chronological


a. Site/Location Selection: Dhaka and Rangpur districts of Bangladesh are
selected as a location of study where consider the Kafrikhal, Vangnei,
Pairabandha and Ranipukur unions under Mithapukur upzlilla of Rangpur district
and Dhaka city for  the data collection from
export companies shipping agents and government.


b. Select the stakeholders & sourcing the
secondary data and data collection: Select the relevant stakeholders like potato export companies, shipping agents,
international byer (if possible), relevant line departments, transport
companies, cold storage, relevant NGO and farmers and specify the source of
secondary data. The both quantitative and qualitative data and information are
collected from actors and secondary source by pre developed questioners. The
data then are coded, compiled, tabulated and analyzed as focus study objectives.
Qualitative data is transferred into quantitative data convert into standard local
units. The statistical measure is used for describing the variables. The data is
put in computer for statistical analysis and use the updated software and write
the document. The tools Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Face to face discussion,
Individual discussion, Key Informant Interview for data collection and review
the secondary sources.




The information
are collected from different stakeholders and used different sampling method
for data collection which are given below-

The 50 farmers randomly are selected from 4 unions of Mithapukur Upazila under
Rangpur district

Piker/Trader: 8
Piker is selected from Rangpur district those who involved in potato exporting
by export companies.

Companies: 5 big companies are selected who have office in Dhaka

Storage: 3 Cold Storage randomly is selected from Rangpur collect
the data

Agent: 2 Shipping agent randomly is selected for data

Non-government Organization (NGO): Relevant two NGOs are
selected for data collection

of Agricultural Extension: Randomly Two Upazila are selected
from Rangpur district

Potato Exports Association: The information is collected from
Potato Export Association in Dhaka.  

Association: The info is collected from Consumer
Association in Dhaka. 


Instruments: Develop the questionnaire containing both structured and non-structured
questions and it is separated for different stakeholders. The questionnaires
are developed and pretested before collecting data. Data is collected from the potato
farmers and consumers association from the selected unions and others
stakeholders from Rangpur and Dhaka. Key informant interview is also conducted by
using questionnaires.


Procedure: After developing the questionnaire, face-to-face interview and focus
group discussion (FGD) are conducted with potato farmers. Besides, KI interview
are conducted with Pikers, Cold Storage, Shipping Agent, NGO, Department of
Agriculture Extension (DAE) officials, Potato Export Association, Consumer


10.5. Data processing and statistical
analysis: After collecting the data are
checked carefully. The filled questionnaires are checked and cleaned to avoid
any possible mistakes. The data is initially checked in the collection day to
exclude any error or inconsistency or incompleteness. After checking the data are
categorized and coded and then entry into the SPSS software. The entered data
are analyzed as the study objectives and form of tables and graphs like pie
chart, histogram, multiple bar diagram. The descriptive statistics like mean, SD,
frequency, percentage and inferential statistics like correlation, Chi-square,
regression are  is used for data