10– Honor killings are a thingWhat is honor killing? Honor killing – a form ofpunishment, when a member of a family (girl) is murdered by another one due toa “shameful” (usually, loosing virginity before marriage or marrying someonewho was not approved by parents) act by the victim upon their family/community.

Nowadays, honor killings are often associatedwith countries in North Africa and Middle East. But in countries like Jordan anIraq the legal system tacitly approves of honor killings, which is a hugeproblem. For sure, the steps are taken to stop honor killings, but the problemis also in the subordinate role women plays in society. According to a 2013study, nearly half of Jordanian boys and 20% of girls believe that killing awoman in the name of honor is justifiable. And to all the women that are being shamed forbeing sexually active, please remember that your virginity is no indication ofyour quality unless you are olive oil.9– Female genital mutilation FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) – includes procedures that partiallyor totally remove female genitalia or cause injury to it for NON-MEDICALreasons. Traditional circumcisers usually carry out the practice.

FGM isinternationally recognized as violation of female’s human rights.In most cases, FGM is made under unsanitary conditions which lead toproblems with health such as hepatitis ? or even HIV. Besides physical trauma they haveplenty of mental issues to deal with. 8 – Catcalling Catcalling – leaving verbal comments, whistling, honking, kissingnoises, staring, groping, stalking women and girls in public places.

Accordingto an online survey held in 2008, OVER 99% of 811 participants (females) toldthat they had experienced some form of street harassment.After being catcalled a lot of women blame themselves for wearing”inappropriate” clothes, feel themselves uncomfortable, threatened and scared.7 – RapeIt is very difficult to find the real statistics about raped women,because a lot of cases are unreported/not taken seriously by people.

Accordingto statistics, 91% of rapes are NOT REPORTED. Women may not report because ofbeing afraid slut-shaming and victim-blaming. In some countries wherepremarital sex and adultery lead to death penalty/honor killing reporting rapecan be even dangerous. Due to a survey, in the United States of America, awoman is raped every six seconds!  6 – Victim blamingVictim blaming is an act where the victim of a crime, an accident andetc. is held as wholly or partially responsible for the wrongful conduct thatwas committed against them.

Plenty of women are being victim blamed aftertelling people who surround them that they were raped or sexually harassed.Usually, people ask victims questions like “What were you wearing?”, “What elsewere you expecting?”, “Why were you walking alone?”, “Why weren’t you at homeat night?”, meanwhile rapist are not asked these questions. Victim-blamers need to understand that when they blame victims theysupport rapists.5 – Slut shaming An act that includes shaming women for being sexually active or”behaving” in a way that says something about her sexual life is calledslut-shaming.

It’s a huge problem because women’s sex lives and sexuality arematters of their own choice and isn’t anyone else’s business.  Women’s appearance is being criticized (oftenby men) for being too sexual. They are also often blamed for beingvictims/survivors of rape. Both of the examples are used in order to dominateand control women and make up rape culture.4 – Forced prostitution A lot of women are sold into slavery, beaten and forced intoprostitution these days. Once traffickers or pimps effectively bring their victimsinto the system of  prostitution, keepingthem alive takes minimal effort.

And the women remain stuck in the destructivecycle of a lifestyle of prostitution. Sex trafficing exposes them to increasingly dangerous situations, damaging themphysically and mentally, destroying their self worth. Due to statistics, everytwo minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation in the US.3 – Women are defined mostlyby looksWomen are under pressure of society that literally tells them what towear, which size to have and what to look like.

Women are told to have perfectbody shapes and flawless skin, meanwhile men are percieved the same sort ofpressure to «loose weight, get ripped».2 – Child marriages are stillcommonNearly 40000 of girls are wed before they are 18daily. These girls are below 15 years in 36% of cases. And due to thestatistics, child marriages end up having a larger risk and frequancy ofsexual abuse domestic violence comparedwith marriages between adults. With littleaccess to education and economic opportunities, they and their families aremore likely to live in poverty.1 – Because men decidewhat should happen to women’s bodies In 2017 there are still six nations – the Holy See, Malta, DominicanRepublic, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Chile – do not allow abortion under anycircumstances.

13 countries have such tight controls upon abortionthat for many women it is an impossibility. And all of these laws are made upby representatives of male gender. That means that men still don’t get that«Women’s body – women’s choice».


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