Attackers have
been targeting apple users due to the recent surge of popularity to Apple
products in the market. Apple’s responsible for about 13.5% of smartphones and
7.5% of computers sold worldwide. The large number of Apple products means
hackers have more opportunities to attack them.

Some potential
threats faced by the Apple product users are that many sensitive or important
information may be stolen by cybercriminals, which is why security researchers
have also given a greater focus on vulnerabilities in Apple software, with some
high-profile flaws uncovered in the year 2015. Zero-day brokers also offered
bounties for Apple vulnerabilities, a US$1 million paid for the jailbreak of
iOS 9.1.

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Apple has
confirmed that almost all of its products are affected by an intel bug that was
revealed in the year 2018. That means that any of its consumers’ most sensitive
information could be potentially be read. But the exact nature of the problem
is still not clear to the researchers and public, the danger is impossible to
entirely be comprehended let alone have a head start of solving it.

The two bugs are known as Spectre and Meltdown.
Meltdown can be patched up through an update, but could slow computers down as
much as 30%. However, Spectre can’t easily be fixed, and will need computer
chips themselves to be re-designed.

The flaw means that malicious programmes can
intercept that activity, even if it is not used often. A programme could see
what else the chip has been doing through speculative execution, which might
include some personal and sensitive information.

The simplest way to keep your iPhone safe and
secured is to update your iOS regularly. Ensuring your operating system is
running the latest software is the best way to make sure your devices are most
protected from hackers. That’s because in each update Apple improves security
features and fixes any previously overlooked weak points.

Another way to keep your iPhone safe and
secured is to “Be smart online, in messages, and when opening emails”. An easy
wat many hackers get to a person’s iPhone information remotely is through
malware links and email scams. An important rule that one should keep is to
open links, messages and emails from sources you trust only.