the war, The Cairo conference of 1943, attended by Winston Churchill , Franklin
Roosevelt, and Chiang Kai Shek, discussed at length on what to do with the
territories under Japanese occupation. Later, the Yalta
Conference in 1945, consisting of the US, Great Britain, Soviet Union and
China, the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed to Soviet Premier Joseph
Stalin a four-power trusteeship for Korea consisting of the United States,
Great Britain, the USSR and the Republic of China. Stalin agreed to Roosevelt’s
suggestion in principle, but they did not reach any formal agreement on the
future status of Korea.

Throughout the Potsdam Conference in July 1945, U.S.

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military leaders insisted on encouraging the Soviet to declared war against
Japan. On August 8, 1945, the Soviets declared war on Japan. (Lee, K., Lew, Y. I., Lee, K., Hahn,
B., & Lee, J. H. )

 With the sudden Japanese
collapse in August 15 1945 , Soviets took a chance to advance into Korea and
quickly controlled the Korea Peninsula, and the U.S government decided to proposed
a plan that would divided Korea Peninsula a half under the 38th parallel,
leaving the Soviets to occupy Korea in the north with 9 million people and an
American to occupy in the south with 16 million people. The Soviets agreed and
moved quickly to occupy major cities north of the 38th parallel while the U.S.

military began to occupy the southern half of the peninsula.  (The
Korean War : Setting the Stage and Brief Overview, n.d.)