Thetheme of this paper is to pick up the issues emerging through high leveldiscussion on the foremost concerns facing the planet, key being the issues ofa working growth model which is inclusive, sustainable and resilient in thelong run.

The paper attempts to review four cardinal concerns presentlyconfronting all of us: exploding population & enduring poverty;globalization and socio economic upheavals; credible and viable growth within thesettings of global climate change; and worldwide violent skirmishes and human safety.Considerable probable risks exists, potentially manifesting from globaldevelopments such as economic and financial shocks in the world economy,violence and  conflicts, depletingnatural resources with long term irreversible impact leading to scarcity ofresource and adverse effect on global climate. Given these daunting isssues plaguingus today, a concerted collective effort has to be initiated at a global levelat an unprecedented speed, scale and scope with paradigm shift in policyframing that will seek to absorb and accept change, centralizing on deliveringpublic goods globally with commitments at every level of national and localgovernments.

The biggest serious present day danger that exists at a meta-level– by what manner to develop and enhance the frail capability of globalorganizations, procedures and mechanisms and finally interrelationship dynamicsthat works meaningfully to effectively deal with the joint action obstacles ina progressively polarizing world. Remodeling these visions into reality is goingto be a huge challenge which we have to deal with. Balancing the quartetobjectives for a sustainable and inclusive development is a daunting task whichwill require proper policies and strategies, political will, capacity building,resources management and most importantly co-operative partnerships, some ifnot all of the these development goals that the world has set for itself, areto be achieved.


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