Over a number of days lack of sleep can kill us.

“Danish scientists and their discovery about the brain shrinking when we sleep. As it happens, our cerebrospinal fluid…..

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actually flows into and throughout the brain when we sleep to fill the void from the missing blood. As we cycle through five sleep stages roughly every 90 minuets, the cerebral fluid flows in and out, gently cleaning our brains of toxins.” -“Sleep deprivation is toxic and can kill you.” Basically, the toxins build up in our brains without sleep and can kill you at about 200 hours. This process of cleansing is vital for human survival, so without it we are dangerously close to the brink of death itself.

Sleep deprivation can be linked to confusion, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, depression, and the list goes on and on….. Sleep doesn’t only revitalize our body, but also our emotional brain status.

According to “Sleep-deprivation causes an emotional brain ‘disconnect'” if we miss out on sleep it, “fractures the brain mechanisms that regulate key aspects of our mental health.” Skipping sleep hinders our bodily functions like our immune systems, ingestion, and definitely affects the things our brain processes, like learning and memory. Walker E’s team recruited 26 people and they stayed awake for 35 hours, only one less hour than James Holmes. After the 35 hours spent awake they were,” scanned by functional magnetic resonance imaging, which measures brain activity on the basis of blood flow while viewing 100 images..

…  without sleep, the brain reverts back to a more primmative pattern of activity, becoming unable to put emotional experiences into context and produce controlled, appropriate responses.”- “Sleep-deprivation causes an emotional brain ‘disconect'” This shows that without much sleep we almost act apathetic. I find this appalling and I am honestly scared for those who are sleep deprived on a regular basis.


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