Currently, Wong Hang already has 15 stores across Indonesia and 1 store in Singapore. What makes Wong Hang actually different from other tailors are is simply on their cost-free additional service. “Here in Wong Hang, each customer will be personally served by our designers, from measuring, design quotation, until pattern selection. Besides, we give free alteration for every customers in case they want to customize their sizes and designs, without any cost.” Jonathan explained in details.


Keeping It In The Family

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Established in 1933, the Wong Hang family has made quite a name for itself in the country’s tailoring business with the fourth generation currently running the show. It all started when Chinese immigrant Wong Hang purchased the deed to a small shop in Surabaya from a Dutchman. Wong wanted to start his own tailoring business, so he set up shop on Jalan Pahlawan in Surabaya, which was already filled with tailors making all sorts of clothing. Wong decided to focus solely on men’s suits.

Wong Hang is one of the greatest family business in Indonesia which can lasts more than 80 years. “There are highs and lows, also different arguments in our family. But we always respect each others, and in every steps or innovations made, there are plenty of people that involve and together we make it happens.”

Recently, Wong Hang has spread their new business network ; which is corporate division – tailor made  uniforms for employees and management in big scales. “We stay in our main core business but we also try new opportunity which is still in the same business area. We are keeping up our quality through innovations with traditional tailor style.” Jonathan stated in the end of our session.