consumer can be easily satisfied. Companies will just push a button and know where all their inventory is based on the data they recieved.With this the logistics side will never fail to deliver a product which is a super demand for a consumer at all time and it could be done by best inventory management with no hassels.

 IoT presents a huge opportunity not just in customer service, but also in optimizing supply lanes and the cost of transporting products, Tying that information into manufacturing and inventory replenishment is significant.

The complexity and personalization of 3-D printing could dramatically simplify previously complicated supply chains. For instance,  GE is currently creating 3-D printed fuel nozzles for jets, and plans to mass-produce them. However, the complete manufacturing process involves one production phase, based in a single factory.

 Hence with the data available it is easy to print an object in 3D using th e 3D printing mechanisim and no big factories are needed to create small products there by reducing the factory cost as well as labour cost.


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