Nana Living in a town or city is better than in the countryside Everybody can choose the place, where he would like to live. Some people prefer living in the city and other prefer living in the village, but what is really the best for us? First of all we should define our terms of reference. Village- means a group of houses with a church, school and some shops in the countryside and city- means a place, where people live and work and it contains many houses, shops, places of entertainment, etc. Living in the city brings to everybody a lot of advantages.

In city you have a lot of sport, cultural and education opportunities. Young people get more education and knowledge in town than in the country and also when they want to get a job, they will easier find it in a city. Very often young people from the countryside move to the city just because they cannot find a job in their birth place. In city you can find more opportunities for everything because it is bigger and has more inhabitants than a village.

It has also shopping centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, cinemas, night clubs, restaurants and a lot of other places, where we can have fun.However living in the city has also its bad sides. In town are pollution, traffic jams and noise. There is so many buildings that there is no trees, flowers and fresh air. Many citizens go on a countryside for a weekend just because they want fresh air, peace and quiet. Whatever your choice is, be it living in the big city or living in that small town in the countryside, the most important thing is where you are happy at. If you feel that living in the big city is the best for you then it surely must be.

However, the same goes for the rural folks, they live in their small town for most likely the same reason.


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