Website Design

Table of Contents Page: 1. Executive Summary……………………………………………………… 5 2. Evaluation checklist for websites…………………………. …… 5 3. Flowchart of Syria host website ………………………….. ………. 6 4. who’s the audience of the website?………………………………… 7 5. the reason behind the website’s colour and design…………. 7 6. various website design techniques with evaluation…………. 8 7. Conclusion………………………………………………. …. ….. 9 8.

Reference ……………………………………………………. ….. 9 Executive summary: This report will include a blank evaluation check list for websites, the flowchart of Syria host website, its audience, their needs, the reason behind the website’s colours which include the colour theory, colour harmony and colour context, web site design techniques and finally a conclusion. Evaluation check list oWhat type of domain is it? Is it appropriate for the content? oIs the name of the website appropriate for the content? Does it contain a logo? oIs it clear who wrote the website? oDo you feel that the writer is qualified (wether you know him or you don’t)? oAre the colours suitable for the website? oDoes the website contain the date and the hour? oIs there any contact information? oDoes it contain a guest book or a feedback section? oDoes the website provide all required information? oIs it clear to whom it is targeted? oDoes its information satisfy its audience needs? oDoes its design satisfy its targeted audience? Is the design easy and suitable for website’s aim (selling, providing services, subscription….? ) oDoes this site have a table of content or a site map? oDo clickable images have an equivalent link? oDoes this site have the ability to return the previous page? oDoes every page have a way to return to the main menu? oAre the big pictures sliced? oDoes the website use various web design techniques? oIs the website updated constantly? oIs the website confusing or easy to browse? oHow reliable does the information provided seem? Are scrollbars coloured? oAre you convinced with the website? Flowchart of the website: Who’s the audience of the website? After conducting a wide research about the Syrian market and its needs in the web hosting domain, we noticed that the most attractive segment is new and existing company because – as we all know – the internet is still in its early phases so almost all the companies doesn’t have a website and require to have one, so we chose them as our audience and our targeted segment is obviously clear from “About us” section.

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Our website will provide customers with all important information about the company its goal, services and latest news to let them know everything related to our news and products in details without asking them to visit an office or wasting their time. The reason behind the website’s colour and design The colour and design of the website are the gate to your customers heart and ind because when you first look on a website your mind will give it an impression so if the mind found that colours match each other and the design isn’t chaos it will encourage the customer to feel and to be in the required mood and to revisit the website again and again but if the mind found the website chaotic and with unwanted colours it will encourage the customer to never visit it again, so we chose the colours attentively to suit our needs and we considered the three issue related to this subject which are colour theory, colour harmony and colour context.

We have three colours theory: This theory depend on the main three colours (red, yellow and blue) without having them mixed togetherThis theory depends on the purple, green and orange which are the colours resulted on mixing the main three colours. This theory is formed from mixing the colours of the second theory like yellow-orange, red-orange…

The second issue is the colour harmony which is really important for the vision and mind of the customer because if the colours are inharmonious the mind will reject the website and it will leave a bad influence in the customer’s heart but if the colour scheme was chosen attentively it will take the customer to the world of the website. The third issue is colour context, which means that we need to choose a good colour for the context of the website to provide a beautiful harmony between backgrounds and shapes.

We must study the meaning of every colour before inserting it to distinguish the accurate one that suits the content and meaning of the website for example: •Red: means love, passion, hot and anger. •Green: means nature, money, health and food. •Yellow: happy, warm, purity and joy. •Blue: calming, confidence, travel, cool and depth. •Black: fear and dark. •White: innocence. •Brown: home, wood, comfort and strength. •Purple: sophistication, creativity and mistery Finally we chose the colour of our website to be blue because it is calming, ovely and friendly for all users of the internet and we chose the design to be really simple because we though that almost all users are still innovators and we need an easy and unconfusing website to deliver our information to them Various website design techniques with evaluation We can segment the web designs used in our website to three segments which are: •Editing tools and software. •Pictures and photos tools and software. •Animated movie tools and software. Editing tools and software: The main two editors available are front page and dream weaver.

Front pageDream weaver As a beginner I used the front page editor to create and edit my website because it is simpler and easier than dream weaver and because we are all familiar with Microsoft office software and their tools like word and excel, but I will use Dream weaver in my next homework because it has a lot of cool tools that helps me to create a more creative website. Pictures and photos tools and software: The main two softwares are fireworks and Photoshop. PhotoshopFireworks

I used both of them because fireworks is a really creative and easy software and Photoshop is a really professional editor for pictures but I depended on fireworks more than Photoshop because my website was really simple and it just needed to create some photos and to slice the not to edit them and using fireworks I created an animated gif because it provide an easy and practical way to do such thing. Animated movie tools and software: The main two softwares are flash and swish> FlashSwish

In my website I used swish because it is a lot easier than flash and because it provides a ready templates that can easily create any wanted motion, flash is a more professional software and I don’t need it to create such an easy movie like the one I inserted in my website. Conclusion: Finally the main point behind creating each website is to reach and satisfy customers easily so it must always suits the needs, moods and feelings of the targeted segment and finally it must be easy to browse to allow all kind of internet users to use it without getting frustrated.

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