Kendra Tracy Maryland Allen English Comp. November 9 2009 Sexually Active Teenagers Sexually transmitted diseases excel in a society of premarital sex, where teens have many sex partners.

A direct result of this is STD’s becoming more abundant among the population. The misuse of contraceptives by teens is one reason STD’s are plaguing our children. Many teens believe that condoms or the pill will stop the spread of herpes and other diseases, but in fact, they do not stop the spread. No where do the products state they can stop the spread of diseases.Millions of cases of sexually transmitted diseases among teens are reported each year.

Many teens believe nothing is wrong in committing premarital sex; having intercourse with many different teens through the ages of 15 and 19, this increases the chances of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. With sexual intercourse on the rise with high school students, and its acceptance among the public, even more teens are having sex now, to the point that every eleven seconds a teen has sex for their first time. Seventy percent of these students say they were socially pressured into having sex.If society has the power to pressuring teens to have sex, society should use that power to educate teens about the dangers of premarital sex. Sexual relations among teens are a growing problem, not only for the teens and their children, but also for America as a whole. Premarital sex has been the cause of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and feelings of regret, all terrible things that no one should have to go through, and the astonishing fact that no one has to go through these events, if only they could have prolonged those few minutes of bliss for marriage.

As for adults, they can be more informative for all teens about the dangers of premarital sex, and should pay more attention to the larger problem. If this is done, than the affects of premarital sex could be recognized by teens and all who listen, and to the morality behind it. In actuality, the only way to not be affected by these life-changing events is to practice sexual abstinence.

Many teens claim, however, that abstinence is ridiculous and impossible, yet millions of people do it and it only takes one word, “no”, to achieve.


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