Local and State law enforcement agencies have many duties, functions, and responsibilities. Most people think that all law enforcement agencies are the same. They do have similarities, but also have differences as well. Some duties, functions, and responsibilities of local law enforcement agencies are to serve and protect our communities. Local law enforcement agencies arrest criminals, they do routine patrolling, they patrol our communities to stop and prevent crime.

They investigate crimes that were committed; they find evidence and witness to solve crimes. Local law enforcement agencies enforce traffic laws so our streets run smoothly, they respond to traffic accidents and make our streets are safe and in order. They also provide crowd and traffic control for events like parades and funerals. The local law enforcement agencies handle disputes and they keep the peace in the communities.

The duties, functions, and responsibilities of State law enforcement agencies are to keep our highways safe by patrolling the state highways. The state police enforce both state and local laws. The state police handle criminal investigations and deals with public relations, they also assist local law enforcement agencies when necessary. The difference between local and state law enforcement agencies is that the state law enforcement has more jurisdictions and is higher on the ranking scale than the local law enforcement.

State law enforcement is paid more than local law enforcement. State law also deals more with the politics than local law. Three federal law agencies are the FBI, the DEA, and the Secret Service. The FBI handles serious cyber crimes, deals with foreign intelligence operations, the FBI has jurisdiction on the whole United State, and they tend to keep out of local law enforcement cases, but will interfere when needed. The DEA deals with drug cases. The DEA handles the finding of evidence for major drug cases.

They also deal with drug gangs in our communities. The main focus is to get the drugs in the United States under control. The last federal agency is the Secret Service. There are only two responsibilities that the Secret Service has, and they are to protect the president, the vice president, and their families. The other responsibility is to enforce counterfeit laws. All in all the State and Local law enforcement agencies have the same duties, functions, and responsibilities.


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