The Human and Professional values of Managers: Impact on the profession Some values which can be related to good managers are truth; care, peace, justice and responsibility. Truth is something which is inborn in human behavior. Whether one lives by it or ignores it depends on his upbringing and surrounding factors. A person who has been brought up in an environment where lying was the way of life, will end up doing the same in future even on becoming a manager.

Another value is care or love. A manager should care for his employees and respect their feelings. This is a sign of a good manager.A manager should always try to maintain peace at the workplace.

He should cultivate the thought of reason and negotiation instead of aggression. Justice is a trait which is required in a manager. He should be able to judge between the right and the wrong for his employees. He should see to it that deserving candidates are rewarded for their hard work. A manager should always bear the responsibility for his actions and not shrug them. It’s generally the manager who is responsible for the subordinates work and he should deal with it and guide his subordinates to perform the best possible work.Leadership Professionalism Effectiveness Innovation Management Public Interest Participation Planning Efficiency 10.

Strategy Managers may face a situation when they have to take a choice whether to follow their human or Professional Values. This can be a very tricky decision to take. A situation may arise such as he may know that a certain employee is about to be laid off in a month.

But he has order from his superiors not to let him know till the last minute. Now he has to decide whether he will tell the employee the truth or be professional and follow orders.Such decisions have a big impact on the mind of the manager and all people affected by the wrong decision. For a manager, he has to always try to emulate the company values so that all his subordinates can follow his example. He always has to be punctual, responsible, and efficient so that all his subordinates follow his lead.

To do might require some compromise on his home front, since to adhere to his values; he might have to work overtime, thus losing out on time spent with his family.But it will certainly cause a positive reaction from his subordinates. A manager will many a times face the dilemma of which employees to reward or relegate. This is another time at which he has to take a decision based on his values. A lot of times, a manager may be in cohorts with an employee and decide to promote him over a more deserving candidate. He may even stick to is human values and promote the right person and ignore his friend and give adequate justice.

It may even be a case where you have to lay off a friend when the situation arises.However he may choose not to and not behave in a professional way. Which value will any person choose depends on the situation, consequences and his own characteristics.

The Impact of Professional and Human values on managers are huge. They determine the behavior of the manager in his day to day activity. One cannot say which value a manager will employ, but whichever choice he makes determines the personality of the manager. It can lead to success or failure of a manager in his work. References


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