HRM Introduction The aim of this report is to present overview of the methodology used gather my data and to produce a management report on my findings of the “Best practice/ High commitment” model of HRM. In this report I choose the Young’s Pub “The Waterfront” which is located in the Wandsworth. I choose this pub, because I am working there and I have good relationship with all staff so I can avoid any conflict about questions and it gives me opportunity to involve all “The Waterfront” staff. Methodology section In this management report I used different kind of methodologies such as primary and secondary research.

In primary research I used short interview with General Manager and Questioner with other employees. I made a choice to interview only General Manager, because through short discussion about all seven components of “Best Practice/ High Commitment” model, I got the answers what I needed. Moreover General Manager had freedom to withdraw so that way I have got more information. Once per week “The Waterfront” have staff meeting where they are discussing future plans, mistakes, staff satisfaction and other important things. So General Manager allowed me to do questioner after staff meeting.I did try to ask specific and general questions about each of one of the seven HR practices.

To maximize number of finished questioner papers, I ask to hand in questions straight after finishing. After I got all answers I group them in to four groups: kitchen staff, floor staff, bar staff and General Manager. For secondary research I used old Young’s handbook which I got in my first working day in the Young’s pub.

There are all basic rules and Goals of Young’s company. This handbook gave me couple answer on my questions. Other way how I was searching my answers is through the Internet.I went to “The Waterfront” website and tried to find all useful information about seven components of “Best practice/ High commitment” model. Findings I found only six Components of “Best practice/ High commitment” model which are applying to the research topic.

These are Employment security; Extensive training, learning and development; Selective hiring; self – management teams/ team working; High compensation linked to performance: Employee involment. I found that in the some causing problems situations the manager see solution differently than his staff. Also that is one of reasons why two of the practices are not working so well.On the other hand company do not need to use all of them. “Basically, the idea is that a particular bundle of HR practices has the potential to contribute improved employee attitudes and behaviours, lower levels of absenteeism and labour turnover, and higher levels of productivity, quality and customer service. ” (Marchington & Wilkison, 2005, p71) ) In this “The Waterfront” case they use wrong bundle of practices, because if I look on the answers I can see that rewards are very important part of job for employees, which is one of practices which is not going on well.Staff in the pub does not feel rewarded, but on the other hand Manager thinks he is rewarding and giving them good benefits. What I find out from interviews that managers and staff view does not really match.

Staffs want to be rewarded after hard day, but they are not and it seems one of the most important rewards for staff to be appreciated after busy day. “.. there are some benefits, but they do not motivate me to work always harder and better. You do not get any reward after really busy day.

. (Floor staff) Other practice which should be in the bundle is the Employee involvement, but it also seems not working good. Reason is that the employees are not involved in all the decisions and are not always informed what is going on in the pub. Some times employees even don’t know which day they are working till that day comes.

I mean Management didn’t do their work properly and in a right time period. Discussion From findings I can say that there are six of practices which are implemented well but still some of them can be improved and even some maybe do not need so much attention as they have.For example, employment security is important, but not in this kind of business – pubs –you do not need to think so much about this, because mainly you tend to get young people to work in pubs. However, Young people usually work in pubs while they study or are looking for job in their sphere time, so any way they are not staying for long time and in the future they are going to leave.

The job security is not the main thing what they are looking in their age – rewards and motivation are could be. “There are obviously limits to how much employment security can be guaranteed.It does not mean that employees are necessarily able to stay in the same job for life, nor does it prevent the dismissal of staff who fails to perform to required level. ” (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2005, p73) I had chat with one waiter who is longest worker in “The Waterfront” and he said, that he is working in this pub from beginning and never heard of problems like that “this place is very secured, because General Manager is trying to make big family, but he could think more rewards or opportunities to grow” (Waine) Chatting with Waine I found that General Manager is not giving opportunity to grow for longest or smartest employee.Also GM prefers to employ some one from side for higher positions instead to offer this position for longest worker, who even knows all staff, job and the rest duties even better than new employee. More over doing that GM could raise employee motivation and save time and money on new employee training. General Manager sad on this topic that it is very important for me to make big family because if I will build up long- term relationships all old staff and new employee will be willing to stay with me until retirement or at least for more than couple years. However here we can see difference between management and employee views.

I would say that in the “Waterfront” management is lack of communication between employees and management. Second component is Extensive training, learning and development are quite important in this kind of business. Reason is because if your staff have enough good skills they can serve more better and faster the customers (kitchen send out the food). So I this practice should stay at the same high level as it is now in the pub. They do trainings, first one was when I started to work here. I had first week induction training and now I can go to trainings every month where I can develop my skills in order to improve my performance. That is essential thing that employee have opportunity to refresh skills or to learn something new.

It will improve the skills and the way how good he/she is serving customers and will make staff more confident about that what they are doing. That will help them to feel more relaxed and happier and customers will of course see and feel that and come back in future. You like to go there where everyone around you are happy. It means good future for your business. I would evaluate this practice as very important in pub business as especially England is the service country and everyone wishes to get the best service.

Selective hiring is one of the practices which should have enough of attention, because in each work place you need to make sure that you are hiring the right person. That way you need to go through all process. “It involves the examination of the requirements for filling the vacancy; consideration of the sources of suitable candidates; drafting job advertisements and selecting media suitable to carry them; assessing appropriate salary levels for new employees; and arranging interviews and other aspects of ‘selection’, the second stage in the staffing process. (Chessington 1995 cited in Hannagan, 1998, p307) The pub manager is going through all this things and it helps him to get the right staff what he is looking for. Next practice what I found and what is working perfectly in the pub is self – management teams/ team working. In “”The Waterfront” everyone is doing everything.

It does not matter in which section you are working bar staff or floor you are helping to serve customer in the both positions.For example if it is not enough floor staff for busy Saturday lunch, than one of bar staff usually time to time goes out of bar and trying to help floor staff. In the interview General Manager sad that it is impossible to survive in this business without team working, if you want that your customer leave place with willing to come back you should deliver all staff what they need without any mistakes and without delays.

So frequently teams of people are seen to achieve more that could have been accomplished by the individual members working alone. As M. Woodcock (1985, p. ) says “A team can accomplish much more than the sum of its individual members and yet frequently groups of people are seen to achieve less than could have been accomplished by the individual members working alone” So that why GM are trying to make excellent team players but same time employees can work on their own just as effectively. So pub employees have to analyse situation Fifth component is high compensation linked to performance. In “The Waterfront” everyone has opportunity to stay and help if it is busy day, that way staff is earning extra hours.General Manager trying to give rewards like: nice meal for staff not only in working day so staff sometimes gets good dinner reward, it means they can bring their family for dinner and they are paying only a half price or even less. Very often General manager are giving drink rewards, that all staff can get small party after work, especially in Friday nights, that way he is giving for staff opportunity to relax and have nice time speaking not about work.

Employee involvement is other one which is essential to have in the bundle.Reason is that the staff mainly is the persons which do everything so they need to know what is going on and what is new in the place in order to give the best service. In the pub the biggest problems in employee involvement is in the kichen section.

Questionier showed that the kichen staff do not show dissatisfaction with that, but still some of them would love to say his word in some situations. “The chef always makes decisions and I just do what is asked. Very rarely my opinion has been asked. ” (Kitchen staff) If he has noticed that his opinion is not asked than he would like to say his view when the chef is making some decisions.As manager has said that team work is very important – so I do not think that if one person is making decisions without listening in others there can make up good team work between the kitchen staff. “Employee involvement is defined by Hyman and Mason (1995) as follows: “Practices and policies which emanate from management and sympathisers of free market commercial activity and which purport to provide employees with the opportunity to influence and where appropriate take part in the decision making on matters which affect them. ” (Hyman and Mason 1995 cited in Bloisi, 2007, p290) So it does not mean that employees should be involved in all decisions but at least in some, but it do not seem the case in the pub kitchen.

On the floor it is bit better, but still there are some problems with communication. Conclusions In conclusion I can say that “The Waterfront” managment should think more about this six elements. They have chosen the wrong bundle of practices. The Job security and Recruitment should not have more attention than the Employee involvement and the Reward management.Manager should consider one more time to which things he should pay more attention.

Hopefully, after interview and all questioners GM will make better communication with his staff and they will choose their ideal bundle of practices. Recommendations As “The Waterfont” have regular staff meetings I would suggest to GM to give couple minutes of meeting time for discussion about employee feelings. There everyone could say their opinion about what is probably going wrong, what could be changed and even give their opinion to manager how probably the things can be improved.Also staff meetings do not need to be always for kitchen and floor staff together, because they have different problems. For example it is not compulsory for floor staff to sit and spend their time when GM is speaking only with kitchen and their problems. However sometimes it needs to be together because they need to work as a really effective team together, so there should be opportunity for floor and kitchen staff to talk about the issues which have arisen.

Manager should consider making the staff meeting not only talking about the problems but also letting people know what kind of new things are going to happen and what changes are going to be made in the future. This defiantly will improve employee satisfaction with their job, because they will feel as the part of the company and that their view and opinion is taken in to consideration when the decisions are made. Other recommendation could be that they need to improve communication in the pub, which also includes staff meetings but not only.The communication should be seen in everyday job also. The communication will improve relationship between all staff, management and most important customers – that can make people to feel more stratified about their job. Also important thing is rewards. Manger should find the way how to reward people after busy, hard day or to give opportunity to grow and promote staff for higher position.

Manager in the interview was saying that he gives gifts for special jobs, but probably he do not think that give service up to the high standards in the busy day is special.That is wrong because for the staff that is the most important thing to see that their job have been appreciated – especially the young people are looking for that. I think you do not need to reward them always with money, but the properly said thank you and maybe time to time some pint of beer would be enough to feel appreciated. Personal learning statement (reflecting on the re-submission) Carrying out this report first time I had difficulties to concentrate and involve all my time in it, occupied by my family problems.However having second chance I definitely improve the knowledge about „Best practice/ high commitment” model of HRM. Firstly, I can say that I definitely improved my skills in the data collection, gathering and analysing all pros and cons. I did not have before experience where I would needed to make one conclusion about the different opinions and at the same time trying to understand what is wrong in the situation and to give advice. I did learn how to use may own practice working like floor staff and the theory from lectures and book to use to solve and give the recommendations for the „The Waterfront”.

Also I can say that I did improve my skill with carrying out the interviews as I did not have to do them before in the past. It was good experience and challenge for me. Also for my own future I found out that it is not important to make work all the seven practices, of course it would be the best, but It is much better to choose few of them which are most needed in your business and put them to the bundle, then to pay all the attention to make them work just right for your organisation.Moreover I never thought that communication could be so important and is the basic for everything.

Now I can see why in the “The Waterfront” these seven practices are not working properly- as I already mentioned before in my report there is lack of communication which is basic problem. After writing this report I understand that successful business can not work without their own bundle of best practices and communication.Writing this report I gain knowledge and skills which are necessarily to know for running an organisation and surviving in business world.

Bibliography 1. Bloisi W. (2007) An introduction to Human Resource Management, Published by McGraw-Hill Education 2. Hannagan T.

(1998 second edition) Management Concepts & Practices, Published by Pearson Education Limited 3. Marchington M. & Wilkinson A. (2005) Human Resource at work, London: CIPD 4. Woodcock Mike (1985) Team development Manual, Gower Publishing Company limited. 5.

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