Strengthens •Huge number of Members –1000’s of implicit celebrities endorsements makes them a strong market position in micro-messaging –Indeed, 2008 was a year of tremendous growth and media coverage for Twitter. Even CNN and NPR incorporated Twitter into their election coverage. Nielsen Online reported that Twitter’s userbase grew 343% last year, from about 500,000 users in September 2007 to more than 2. 3 million users in September 2008.

On the web, Social Net works –Satisfying people’s desire of knowing other people’s lives –Easy following people –Being followed, and also easily block others Live Searching •Link Sharing •Very open with the API –Twitter allows users to post text updates via SMS, instant messaging, email –Real time web, you can easily through sms to twitter –O2 has only been operating its Twitter SMS service for two weeks, and has already reached the milestone of a million Tweets having been delivered through the service. –such growth can bring some bad attention along with the good Weakness ?Lack of a viable business model ?Difficult to reply to specific tweets ?Searching on Twitter is almost worthless. ?Easy to have fake account ?IT InstabilityOpportunity ?powful Influences towards the world ?I don’t know if this is as good for Twitter as the Charlie Rose incident was for Apple, but it’s close. UC Berkeley graduate journalism student James Karl Buck was arrested on April 10 without any charges in Egypt for photographing a demonstration. He used his mobile phone to twitter the message “Arrested” to his 48 followers, who contacted UC Berkeley, the US Embassy and a number of press organizations on his behalf. The next day Buck twittered ” Alive and ok. Still in jail,” but was released not too long afterwards.He’s still worried about his friend, Mohammed Salah Ahmed Maree, who was arrested with him and remains in jail.

Buck says he is on a hunger strike until his friend is free. ?The NFL – the organization that runs American Football in the USA – has banned its players from tweeting during games, as per its policy of banning all mobile phone ? Because of the widely using in political campaign, China government block the access to use it ? Cooperation with other region or Country ? July 1, 2009 launched twicco in Japan ?Potentially Strong Marketing tool ?Integration with the real time media & gamesThreats ?Competition is gracious ?Plurk” is now very popular in Asia ?“Facebook Lite” is going to lunch •A chance to develop a more compelling micro blogging system than Twitter – There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that Twitter is more popular with older generations than it is with the kids, many of whom are still much more addicted to Facebook and even Bebo. FriendFeed will enable Facebook to develop more micro blogging/aggregation style facilities which will give its younger users even more reasons to stay with Facebook rather than experiment with other micro blogging options ? Hacker’s attack: Right after the New Year, Tweet warnings began circulating that some direct messages that contained a link were part of a phishing scare. Then, on Jan. 5, a hacker accessed a Twitter employee’s account, granting him or her access to administrative tools to reset the password on any other users’ accounts: The hacker had access to the entire Twitter network •310 confidential documents revealed, Twitter hit the headlines in the middle of the July after the internet was flooded with 310 of its most confidential documents including partner agreements, financial projections and security passcodes.

?The effectiveness of being a marketing tool


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