Information technology- Advancement in IT sector simplifies
the storage, maintenance of data of the companies. Moreover, the new equipments
made the work very simple and efficient. It uplifted the overall performance
along with the downfall of manpower in the industries which offered much


Manufacturing- A huge downfall of jobs were seen in the
manufacturing industries due to impressive development. Now, manufacturing
industry do outsourcing and gets the services from the service sector.  Hence, their efficiency and profits

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Marketing and media- It plays a very important role in
advertising and attracting customers.Moreover, it educates the people and makes
people aware about the products and services.


Industrial services- Basically industries are outsourcing
and getting  the services from the
service sector.


Software development- Development in Computer sector enables
the manufacturers and the industrialists to use the applications and the
software which increased their efficiency and maintain the records/databases.


Financial services- These services help and encourage the
new starts and entrepreneurs  to build up
the new business or to maintain the empire.


Telecommunication sector- This sector makes the
communication very easy and helps in widening the businesses.







Answer2- Due to the following factors Ontario has many
companies and has a wide number of job opportunities there:


Global environment

Ecological environment






canada left with very few companies and job options:

Due to extreme weather conditions as most of
time of the year, it is covered with snow due to low temperature.It is really
very difficult to manage the business in these types of circumstances.



Answer3- A drastic change can be seen in the revenue and the
number of employees from the list.It shows that the development in all the
sectors created many jobs in all sectors but the service sector showed maximum