3D Solid Works better than 2D Sketching

The advantages of 3D solid works over 2D sketching are important to the design engineering industry, mechanical engineers, manufacturing companies, and the engineering field in general. Operators in the engineering field are well aware of the recent trends in replacement of 2D sketching with 3D technology. Over the last number of years, use of 3D modeling technologies has increased in the field, even though many companies continue to use 2D sketching in the drafting stage. Both engineers and designers have increasingly turned to the use of solid works, making it one of the most used 3D CAD products available on the market. This proves that the benefits of using 3D solid works over 2D sketching are well known to both designers and mechanical engineers.

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Currently, the engineering field is quite receptive to the use of 3D solid works as an improvement from 2D sketching. Not only are there courses in schools designed to expose the student to this product, most employers require that potential employees have good solid works skills as well. Indeed, solid works has become a basic requirement in the manufacturing design field. However, not all operators in the field would agree with this argument, and various objections to 3D solid works have been raised over the years. One of the strongest objections to the use of 3D solid works is that it is expensive and not practicable to low-cost players in the industry. Nevertheless, it can be argued that the benefits of using solid works outweigh the disadvantages and that its use should be considered an investment that will pay off in the end.

Additionally, objectors of 3D solid works argue that there are currently better and more sophisticated CAD products in the market. Some of those cited include CATIA and Unigraphics. Other CAD product users are better acquainted with Inventor. However, it is still clear that while these products may be more preferred by some to 3D solid works, solid works remains one of the basic programs required by the industry, a fact that is reflected in the number of schools that offer courses relating to it, as well as the number of potential employers asking to see proof of knowledge. Additionally, those that train in the use of solid works and other products argue that solid works is much easier to get the learner started on. Finally, some may not take well to some of the features on solid works. However when taken in this context of advantages of the product over 2D sketching, the audience is likely to agree with the argument.

Design engineers and other stakeholders interested in the advantages of 3D solid works over 2D sketching are all people who are interested in saving time during the design process. Having seen the need to come up with a more effective process in the design stage, these people are indeed appreciative of 3D CAD products that promise to do so. Additionally, players in this field are aware of the many changes that occur and are necessary during this stage. A tool that accommodates such changes is therefore quite welcome to these people, who believe that change is a part of the process. Thirdly, designers are aware that in the design process, as in any other process, mistakes do happen. A product that makes it easier to detect them is well received by the industry.

To make this issue clear to the audience, the paper will begin with an introduction that presents the topic in a clear and concise manner. Then, it will focus on the advantages of 3D solid works over 2D sketching, citing reliable sources and knowledgeable individuals in the design and manufacturing fields. Additionally, possible objections of the product will be examined in order to retain objectivity and reliability. These objections will then be addressed, giving opinions and solutions where required. Finally, in the body of the paper will be suggestions on various books that those interested in the topic can read to augment their knowledge.


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