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3D solid works better than 2D sketching for the companies and engineers

Solid Works has been recognized as the standard in the 3D CAD software field. The integration of user interface and the applications of solid works make it powerful and proficient software. A product catalogue is created before any designing and drafting takes place. In a 3D CAD modeling, an easy 2D sketch is required. However, the sketch is not a complete part but only represents the fundamental geometry of the module. 3D defines the guidelines for the extruded module. Various books indicate how 3D solid works better than 2D sketching for the companies and engineers especially in drafting and designing system.

In the book of ‘Introduction to AutoCAD 2008: 2D and 3D Design’, a demonstration is made of all the features of AutoCAD used for drafting and designing. The author of this book gives a practical and a structured course of work that provides all the information about the 3D and the 2D software. He provides the information about the creation of the new 2D technical drawings and consequently demonstrates the use of 3D solid and surface components. The 2008 software release indicates the new features particularly the new workspace for the 2D drawings with improved lighting methods. Those who want to become specifically good in drawing can benefit from this book because it provides essential information. This is because it covers all the 2D models including the full-color and screen shots drawings, which illustrates all the stages within the process of designing. The 2D chapters are suitable for those who are studying on the ways of using AutoCAD (Yarwood 47).

The book of ‘Drawing and detailing with Solid Works: A Workbook for Solid works’ provides detailed information about the solid works. It explores on the information about drawing and drafting and covers solid works data management (Planchard and Marie 78). It gives detailed information on the use of 2D and 3D models in design work in the field of engineering. It helps the readers to learn solid works on their own. It a suitable book for those enrolled in the programs of engineering and technology together with those who want to be professionals in the field of solid works.

The ‘Feasibility of visualization and simulation applications to improve work zone safety and mobility’ is the latest book for engineers that enhance proper project design through improved communication, proper decision making and feedback of the stakeholders. It reveals the visualization techniques in use and includes all the components of 2D and 3D. These models are used especially for communicating within the design and construction team and other stakeholders. This book is essential because it helps in facilitating effective decision-making and it improves design understanding and project concepts through use of visualization techniques. However, some people argue that visualization does not improve work zone safety and mobility especially in small and medium projects due to lack of established engineering payback for typical projects (Kaewmoracharoen and Kelly 56). However, this book acts as a guidebook for training and requires one to build his or her skills by following the explanations given inside.

‘Mastering AutoCAD for Mac’ is the world’s best AutoCAD resource. It is a comprehensive guidebook with proficient and exciting new AutoCAD for Mac software. The author introduces the 3D rendering models and presents them in away that enable an individual to learn and understand well drafting and designing techniques. The book provides information on how 3D works better that the 2D and it helps small work groups to manage projects in the companies or in the sector of engineering. In addition, he transforms the 2D drawings into 3D rendering practical as one learns them in every step. It helps the new readers to improve on the field of engineering and the seasonal readers to become experts in engineering (Omura and Rick 67).

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