Accountability in the Public Sector Discussion Accountability is the process where people are given responsibility in which they are answerable. In the past, there was no accountability hence efficiency was poor. Therefore, the human resources department was left with the task of placing accountability for the purposes of improving performance and preventing liability on the part of the organization. Discussion Physical environment is the misuse of public resources. When the institution place accountability people tend to work effectively. Economical is where people misuse there power to manipulate the economy. However, public sector officials are kept accountable there is economical growth Discussion Social environment in accountability by the public sector is like corporate social responsibility.

Public sector institution are accountable to the society. This increases the image and efficiency of work done. Officials who are accountable to the society prevent the institution from liabilities. Institutions have legal obligation to the companies to perform services to the community. Wrong doing by the companies leads to legal suits. The human resources department is empowered to ensure that they have created laws. Finally, they have the mandate to provide public officials with legal accountability of their duties Conclusion Accountability has enhanced job performance.

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