Name: Course: Instructor: Date: A Contrast between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Barack Obama is the current president of the United States of America and is the first African American president. Obama’s interaction with the people was a key reason why he was elected. However, since his election, the economy has been on a downward spiral. Mitt Romney was his opponent in the 2008 election in which he lost. For the forthcoming election, Mitt will be running against Obama again for the presidency of America.

As much as Romney is not a ‘people person’ like Obama, he has remarkable policies that will improve the economy of the country significantly, for this reason he will make a better president than Obama. Romney is a preferable candidate because of so many reasons. First, he is a realist. He does not ‘sugar coat’ issues but rather states the facts as they are. For this reason, he would be a better option while compared to Obama. Obama’s policies seemed to lull the greater majority of the citizens in America into a false sense of security. For this reason, he was easily elected as president.

Contrary to the expectations of the people, the economy became worse, and the economic meltdown occurred. Romney would have warned the citizens of the effects of the economy and the meltdown would not have had such an enormous effect. Another reason why Romney will make a better president is because of the policies he has brought forth. He has transformed his ideas since 2008, and his new policies address the key matters that affect people in America. His new policies focus on the creation of job opportunities and making America energy independent.

On the other hand, Obama is still using many of the policies that he used in the previous elections. This is inappropriate since the economy has changed a lot over the four years. For this reason, Romney is better suited to become the president of the United States of America. Romney is a candidate with foresight and the interest of the American citizens at heart.

This is evidenced by his ideologies and suggestions that govern his five policy program. In these policies, Romney has covered all the key sectors of the American economy, and this will enable it to improve significantly. In contrast, Obama has based his campaign on education empowerment. As much as this is a serious thing in the country, it should not be the only matter he should address. With Romney’s program, the country will develop dramatically, and there will be a lower chance of another economic meltdown occurring in the States. From the matters discussed above, Romney is a more preferable presidential candidate when compared to Obama.

This is based mostly on the policies that he has developed. His policies are realistic and will ensure the continued economic development of the country. In addition to this, social amenities like public hospitals and school will be upgraded to the standards of the private schools. This will provide the public students to have equal academic opportunities with their counterparts who study in private schools. Apart from this Romney intends to increase the number of job opportunities by supporting small scale businesses all over the country. Therefore, Romney is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate for the presidency.


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