Name: Instructor: Course: Date: A Day in the Park It was an awfully hot summer day. The perfect blue sky had no single cloud that covered it. The reflection from the sky was as smooth as glass.

I could see myself through the pure water in the fishpond. Seeing the fishes jump up and immediately disappear into the water reminded me of the happiness I had when I first saw the dolphins in the zoo. The birds chirped delightfully as their songs broke the park’s silence. As they flew from one treetop to another, their colors intertwined creating a stunning display that resembled the rainbow. Minnesota is among the states in America that recorded the highest rainfall last year (Philander 56).

This explained why everything was green. The well-trimmed green grass covered every corner of the park. The majestic trees that loomed above effortlessly swayed as the light breeze blew. Their long branches that stretched through the sky made their dominance unmistakable. With the campfire smoke and the sweet aroma that lightly crossed my nose, I could recognize that there were marshmallows and hotdogs being roasted nearby. Multi-colored flowers decorated the park’s landscape.

Their heavenly scents that floated on the wind completed the perfect view. The beauty of Minneapolis Park has indeed made Minnesota the home of the best city park in the United Sates (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board 2). Everybody was engaged in fun activities. Far away, I could see children playing in the fields.

I heard their laughter and excitement as they chased each other around like ants that had lost their homes. People who were not able to relax were busy walking around discovering the nature that surrounded the park. Families and couples who had come for a picnic in the park created a truly romantic and jovial atmosphere. As I looked around, seeing and listening to nature made me have a feeling that life is lively. I just sat quietly in the shade and stared at the beauty nature had to offer. It was calm and peaceful everywhere.

Suddenly, the calm vanished. The birds’ tweeting changed into an awkward squawking, and quickly flew into the gloomy sky. People gazed with disgust as a large hairy dog excitedly ran across the field. It plunged its large black nose into the grass snuffling it repeatedly. He spewed everywhere, and even the trees and flowers showed revulsion. He crushed everything that was unlucky to be on his path. There was commotion everywhere as people ran for their safety.

The dog paused for a while, and then with a sudden burst of energy, he began to scoop the grass recklessly. He stuffed in mouthfuls without any further hesitation. After a short time, the dog seemed to lose his enthusiasm. Soon after, a woman who wore a bright yellow dress approached the dog. She was panting heavily because she had spent the whole day chasing after her energetic pet. As she stretched to grab the dog’s chain, I noticed that her nails were painted bloody burgundy.

Fearing that she would be penalized for the destruction caused by her pet, she hurriedly walked away with her dog. According to the Minneapolis Park policies, owners of dogs or any other domestic animals are liable to any damages caused by their pets within the park (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Committee 16). Her plastic bangle bracelet, which was also maroon, clattered up and down her ample arms as she fled with her dog. The dog lowered his head as if ashamed and trudged wearily off with his owner. It had left a trail of destruction behind him. Fearing that the monster animal might come back, people packed their belongings and left the park.

The once enthusiastic park had turned into a large empty space. Work Cited Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Comprehensive Plan, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, 2007-2020.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. 2007. Print. Minneapolis Park and Recreation Committee.

Establishing an Off-Leash Dog Recreation Area Program for the City of Minneapolis: Findings and Recommendations. Minneapolis, Minnesota: The Committee, 1998. Print. Philander, Sage. Encyclopedia of Global Warming & Climate Change. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications. 2012.



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