Admission Assessment Name: Course: Date: Admission Assessment The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the nursing process uses nursing in Admission Assessment. Admission Assessment refers to the process of collecting, organizing, validating and documenting of information. In nursing, this includes identifying the patients’ health problems and needs. May also include identifying the patients’ health practices, values and lifestyles. In nursing, various responsibilities are incurred in order to come up with a written report of an assessment form.

A major responsibility of nursing on admission assessment is to collect information about the patient. This information includes medical history, physical and psychological history. Data is obtained through asking questions to the patient or the patient’s next of kin, looking at the patient’s past medical records (Schmieding, 2000). The nurse then looks at records of the patient’s nursing history and nursing needs. The patient is then examined by the physician in the nursing home to find out the current state of the patient. After the assessing is done, the responsibility of the nursing home is to come up with a diagnosis of the patient’s condition. A diagnosis is the general view of the patient’s condition.

After the diagnosis has been done, the nursing home is responsible for coming up with a plan on how to take care of the patient. A nurse is assigned who will be responsible for the patient. The nurse will monitor the patient’s behavior (socially and mentally) and report to relevant authorities. The nurse is also allowed to discuss with the patient how to make the residents stay in the nursing home more accommodative and comfortable. Implementations are made on how to cater for the needs of the patient. Responsibilities are given to the various caretakers.

Personal needs such as taking care of the patient’s hygiene are given. A nurse is assigned to be washing, clothing and take care of the patient’s physical needs. The nurse is also responsible to the assigned person, to be spending some time with the patient through guiding and counseling, training on physical fitness, and being available emotionally and mentally. Since the environment is new for the patient, the patient is also taught on how to maneuver while in the nursing home. Health care is also given to the resident through administering of medicine, done per doctor’s orders. The patient’s family is also given an update of the patient’s condition or state while in the nursing home.

Nursing process also ensures that an evaluation is done on the patient. The process is responsible for ensuring that a follow-up is done to ensure the effectiveness of the implemented plan. Evaluation is done by the nurse asking the patient questions on how the patient is doing.

Behavioral changes of the patient are also observed. Since the nurse has been in close contact with the patient over a long period, the nurse can tell if the patient’s behavior has improved or deteriorated. The effectiveness of the medicine ministered is also determined, through observation. Evaluation is done daily by the nurse assigned to the patient. In conclusion, this paper discussed how the nursing process uses nursing in admission Assessment and it is evident that: Admission Assessment process in nursing plays a crucial role in ensuring patients needs are fully met. The Admission Assessment acts as a guide to the nursing home on how to follow a certain procedure while taking care of their patients.

The assessment also makes work simple and easy for the nursing parties involved in caring for the patient. References: Schmieding, N. J.

(2000). Ida Jean Orlando: A nursing process theory.


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