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Admission Essay

When I look at what I have become, I realize how much I have developed and transformed physically and emotionally as an individual in the last four years. Less than one month after I heard about University of Minnesota, I made a visit of the institution in Minnesota with no idea of what I would encounter. I started my second year in high school as a naive student away from home where I was socialized as the child in a middle-class family. Halfway through my last year in high school, there was a dramatic change in the priorities within my life. If there is one universal incident that occurs in every person’s life in the diverse student body at my high school, it was that I developed much faster when I enrolled at the boarding school. As the first person to reach college in my family, I see this opportunity as a significant phase of my life.

The learning aspect in classrooms became a completely different area for me. Before, the instructors and learners alike stressed on the value of learning, but it was utterly obvious that the most significant worry was achieving good grades. I managed to follow this thought throughout high school and I achieved a high score. At University of Minnesota, instructors legitimately consider learning as the most important goal and passionately support students to cooperate with each other and utilize all resources that the school may provide. Actually, I have witnessed teacher assigning a book for discussion in various classes. The only requirements were that learners had to make the most of the sources, collecting information from everywhere in the school besides the book.

However, I think that the most significant concepts that I have adopted in being independent for over the 4 years that I have migrated from Somalia, deal with being a sophisticated person. The college’s department and students are mindful about keeping all of the learner’s focus from being dependent on the campus. Every single topic of international concern is exposed by an individual student, publication, faculty member or the ethnic society. Along with being conscious of the important issues, after attending the University of Minnesota, my character has transformed.

First, my behavior has changed: the school lays importance on respecting everything and everyone. The previous headmaster regularly alleged, “personality can be measured by the interaction with worse off people and not people who are better off than him or herself…” The other major objective of the colleges’ society is to transform every particular apprehensive lower-class student into an aggressive, ambitious senior. If someone had a view about something, it would be wrong to desist from voicing that opinion. Certainly, being intolerable was not the intended objective. The plan is to develop an expert in communication with instructors, fellow colleagues, and others who are a part of the society, and most outstandingly, to those outside the college community.

I do not want to make the University of Minnesota seem as if it is a center for producing perfect students, because that is not its’ main objective. Nevertheless, the college is worthy of recognition for its endeavors at providing quality and wholesome education. Frequently, some aspects of the pattern do remain. As the university experience draws nearer, I am still the same way, only transformed to maximize my talents in a better way. Being good in math and science, I have always had the dream of exceeding my parents’ achievements by graduating from university and being a role model to my younger brothers in high school. Although I can still get time to watch movies and play tennis, possibly one of the few resemblances between the photograph in the past and now is the perpetual smile. The smile comes from the vision of me seeing myself as a future mechanical engineering.


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