Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Admission Essay Why are you applying for this Executive degree program? How will it contribute to the achievement of your professional objectives? I am applying for a Masters program in Strategic Business Unit Management at the HEC Paris University because I know that it will help me achieve the vision of becoming an international manager by equipping me with essential managerial skills. I have gained fundamental knowledge and skills in my education and in the different professional fields. However, in order to achieve my personal goals and objectives, I realize the importance of gaining more knowledge, and the education will equip me with entrepreneurial and managerial skills. This will enable me to operate entire business units at a local and international level. I work for a company that demands a high degree of professionalism among the employees. It is especially strict on the managers’ qualifications. I believe that I will become a successful professional manager, capable of setting and resolving the most complex tasks.

This will place me ahead of the rest, and give me a competitive advantage and increased chances in life. What Professional Achievement Are You Most Proud of? Over the years, I have managed to accomplish several things in my life, both academically and professionally. I completed my bachelor’s degree in technology and my advanced diploma in electronics and telecommunications engineering. I not only managed to pass the courses, but I made sure that I was among the top students in my class. Professionally, I have worked in different capacities. Being in a competitive field, I am constantly finding ways of improving myself, and this has involved working efficiently and professionally, that company executives have noticed my efforts. Although I am proud of my achievements, one of my proudest moments is when I became the first Qatari woman to be appointed in the satellite communication field as the Broadcast & Transmission Manager.

This was a proud moment, because similar positions are considered men domains. The efforts that I have put towards my work managed to convince even the most conservative executives that I could handle the position. Please describe a situation where you failed to reach a professional objective or goal, and what you learnt from this experience Although I have realized different successful moments, I have also failed to reach a professional goal. My first month working as a Broadcast and Transmission manager was tough because I had not yet learnt what the position entailed.

I was appointed to negotiate a contract with one of the satellite providers. The goal was to ensure that the satellite providers gave the company exclusive services at the same price. The first meeting with the providers was not successful, and I had to prepare a new proposition.

This was a reawakening moment for me, and it made me realize the importance of preparation and planning. I am ambitious and confident, and I undermined the preparation I had to undertake. I learnt the importance of finding out information about the person that one is doing business with, stating my position clearly and briefly, as well as having clear and convincing arguments. I now realize that having a negative result, in terms of not getting what I want, is a result in itself. How do you think you are perceived by colleagues? My professionalism and work experience have enabled me to mature to a level where I do not necessarily mind about what others think of me, and I am mostly concerned with fulfilling my responsibilities. I do not make any special efforts that will make me more visible to my colleagues. I am aware of the fact that my colleagues respect me because of what I do.

I am purposeful, and I am able to resolve multiple tasks in a thorough and timely manner. I am a confident leader in any team. I acknowledge that some colleagues may not think highly of me, because of my vim and quick career growth. I recognize some areas to improve. First, I tend to rely more on being reasonable and rational when making decisions, and I rely less on emotions or intuition. This sometimes makes me appear impersonal. Secondly, I lack persistence on some issues, and this sometimes makes me give up.

Finally, I need to improve my managerial skills because I recognize that I am lacking some knowledge in this area. What is the most exciting experience you have had in the field if the Art and why? When working as a transmission engineer, I got a chance to work on the Digital Satellite Network Gathering (DSNG) truck on the usage of point-to-point terrestrial microwave signals and transmission of the waves from a remote site to the studio. I was appointed to operate and cover the Qatar National Day. This was an exciting experience for me, and I enjoyed the festivities. Before this, I only had the chance to be a part of the national day as a random spectator. Covering the event was a different experience, because I was at the center of everything. I was able to see many of the things I had missed as a spectator.

This made me realize and understand the input of the organizers when preparing for the day. I realized that the national day organizers and other similar organizers were indispensable to the success of events. Additional Information I have had a chance to study in Qatar, as well as Canada, and the different experiences have helped me in the sense that I now have an open mind to different issues. I have strong computer skills, and I know different languages, including Arabic, English, and French. I attend professional courses constantly, as I believe that there is no end to knowledge. I am willing to put my best efforts towards meeting the objectives of the Masters program in Strategic Business Unit Management. I have started my own graphics design company, Shadah.

It is a freelance graphic design service provider based in Qatar. The company operates on the use of creative and innovative ideas, and it blends them with strategic design and development projects. The company has incorporated the use of graphic design with other forms of visual communications. What is your main area of extra-professional interest and how does this experience enrich you? My main area of extra-professional interest is design, and I have used this to form my own company.

Forming my own company has enriched me in different ways because it has challenged me, and pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. I work with different people and am responsible for their welfare; thus, I have to ensure that the company succeeds. I have majored in telecommunication engineering, and I do my best towards developing genuine satellite communications as a specialist. After the chance I got to work as a manager in broadcast and transmission, I understood that I could share my professionalism and experience with my team of engineers.

This makes me feel valuable, and I feel that I am an important link among the different people in such a prestigious and influential organization. Cover letter Latifa A. Al-Mana Doha-Qatar P.O.

Box 7722 [email protected] Admissions board HEC University Paris Doha-Qatar RE: Application for a Master’s Program in Strategic Business Unit Management Dear Sir/Madam, It is with much anticipation and eagerness that I submit my application for a master’s program in Strategic Business Unit Management at the HEC Paris University in Doha. I am interested in this program because of the benefits it offers people in management and those who intend to pursue a profession in management. I have already completed my degree program, and I majored in telecommunications engineering.

I currently work as the content and media library manager at Aljazeera in the children’s channel. I eagerly look forward to joining your institution, as this will enable me to acquire the knowledge I need to advance my career in management. I believe that enrolling at your institution and getting admittance to your program will enable me to acquire the knowledge that I need. I have looked at the content of your curriculum, and I believe that the program will help me immensely towards realizing my professional objectives. Enclosed is my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Latifa A. Al-Mana


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