Advancement & Innovation in Wireless Technology Name Course Date Advancement & Innovation in Wireless Technology Various advancements have shaped the 20th century; the most notable one is the advancement in technology. Over the years, the technological field has experienced a fast and vast boost in computer technology, from the onset of the World Wide Web in the 90s, which enabled the globalization of the whole world by forging interconnections between numerous computers and sharing of information between different people. With the advent of portable computing devices, such as notebooks and laptops, as well as the development of mobile devices such as cell phones, a sudden craving for internet connection developed the need for the creation of wireless technology.

With regard to wireless technology, the field of computer science has predominantly changed the world through innovations in business, education and medicine. For instance, in education, computer science has incorporated the use of wireless learning methods that use the real world elements to support the virtual elements. These methods are known as support methods. The support method is provided to help the learner form a good learning style. An example of such a system is the Ubiquitous Learning Scheduler (ULS). The ULS incorporates a mechanism that enables the learner’s environments to be sensed and analyzed by comparison of the learning histories.

In order to provide comfortable learning surroundings, the ULS is improved by using the data sensed by environments such as room temperature and lighting, known as Pervasive Learning Scheduler (PLS). The PLS regulates each factor involuntarily for persons to create a comfortable learning milieu (Advances in Computing Science and Engineering, 2004). In the medicine field, computer science has been a key factor in the development of models that improve disease prevention. Such models such as the SIS, SIR, SIRS, SEIR and SEIRS models were classical models used to analyze the disease infection and the immunity in relation to the population analyzed. However, computer science has led to the development of a superior model that elaborates attributes of the previous model and implements into a computer algebra system like Maple and other wireless information systems used in hospitals (Advances in Computing Science and Engineering, 2011). Computer science has also made significant contributions to the business sector.

For instance, one can purchase products online. With the computer as a medium, incorporated with software that enables a person to shop, internet, applications such as e-mail and electronic money (e-money) and a convenient user interface, transaction of business has been made possible (Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, 2004). Websites such as Amazon are able to advertise their products and sell them and the buyer is granted the surety of receiving their products.

The advancements in education, medicine and business, are particularly important because they affect the overall status of a country economically, financially and socially. The advancements related to computer science have an overall effect on the way in which wireless technology is utilized. The Internet is existent because of the innovations of computer scientists who imagined packets of data transmitted from one cable to another. The development of application soft wares such as spreadsheets, text formatting and word processing programs such as Microsoft Word have been made possible due to computer science (Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, 2004). The advent of video games such as Playstation and the graphic animations in films have also been attributed to computer science. Computer science has also led to the creation of Wi-fi technology. Here, the internet can be accessed without the required RJ 45 (Ethernet) cables.

Bluetooth technology, which has been incorporated in mobile devices such as cell phones, printers and fax machines, has also been made possible due to computer science (ScienceDaily, 2011). However, there are pertinent issues facing computer science that have not been tackled. For instance, the performance of hardware is relatively connected with the software and computer design. Despite the improvement of performance, which makes it simpler in problem solving, the challenges facing computers and the design of the system are overstated.

Other issues include the publicity of personal data, data theft, viruses affecting hardware and software, complex interfaces using complex programming languages and theft of wireless devices. Further research regarding wireless computing has been hindered by the unresolved issues facing computer science. Issues such as data theft pose a significant risk to persons and organizations alike. Acts such as corporate espionage, hacking, cracking, fraud and identity theft, cost organizations losses due to dissemination of private information to competitors. Other issues such as device theft, for instance, theft of cell phones, laptops and other wireless devices are also rampant issues facing wireless computing. Virus infections are also common among wireless devices, and they are capable of destruction of valid data and malfunction of devices. Such circumstances hinder the progress of wireless computing despite the many innovations resulting from computer science.

With the increasing dynamism of the technological environment, it is advantageous to know the various advancements that shape technology today and their negative attributes in order to create better innovations with a positive effect. References Schmidt, M. (Ed.).

(2011). Advances in Computing Science and Engineering. Retrieved from Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (2004). Computer Science: Reflections on the Field, Reflections from the Field. National Academies Press. Retrieved from http://www. ScienceDaily (2011, February, 15). New wireless technology developed for faster, more efficient networks. Retrieved from


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