Advertisement Analysis



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Advertisement Analysis

The advertisement developed is based on the historical injustices, which the British government enforced on its people after immigration into the United States. It aims at providing a feeling of distinction in terms of the ability of the American people to ensure that they attaid Britain have been in a sour relationship, which emanates from the relations dating back to the year 1607. The War of 1812 is the main subject evident in advertisement. It was the fight between the forces of the United States against the forces of the British Empire. Military conflict was brought about by the presence of oppression against the United States and its people by the British Royal Empire. Essentially the Dodge advertisement uses nationalism as a platform for creating an appeal for the products to the consumers.

The advertisement begins with a British soldier running back towards the location of his fellow soldiers to inform them of the American soldiers coming towards their way. The British set themselves out in a line and aim to fire at the oncoming soldiers. They realize the American soldiers are in automobiles instead of the common horseback during that period. The British are forced to flee after sighting the vehicles leading to an assume victory over the British. The advertisement ends with a flag of Dodge in the last scene of the advertisement.


The advertisement is developed with an aim of invoking a feeling of patriotism by the American viewers (Treks). It aims at providing a feeling of distinction in terms of the ability of the American people to ensure that they attain what is best for the American society. The military actions against the British Empire by the American forces were invoked by various issues, which were propagated by the royal empire against the American populace. The main issue dwelt on the presence of trade restrictions against the impressments of the American merchants into the Royal Navy. This was brought about by the unprecedented hostilities between Britain and France at that time (Dodge). Pathos is actualized in relating the experiences of the American society in rebellion against the British Empire. The advertisement seeks to captivate the emotions of the American population by reminding them of the need of patriotism and resilience in appreciation of products which are authentically made in the United States (Treks).


Furthermore, the British discouraged the increasing American expansion by inciting the Native American tribes against the American settlers. This was aimed at reducing the ability of the Americans to influence the natives into supporting them against the British. In addition, they also sought to ensure the slowdown in terms of development and growth of the influence of the American settlers. Moreover, there was also the presence of humiliation of the Americans in the high seas over insults against them to their national honor (Treks).

The British were involved in a war whereby the Americans were fighting to annex part of modern day Canada that was a British protectorate. The British aimed at restricting trade of the American merchants by restricting the flow of the major American ports. After independence from the rule of the British Imperial government, the Americans were able to exercise a greater level of freedom in terms of making relevant laws to govern the society as well as ensuring equal access to resources despite the presence of racial and male privileges (Treks).

Advertisers such as the makers of the Dodge advertisement seek to increase the consumption of their products irrespective of the lack of necessity of such products in the lives of consumer. They mainly dwell on the art of persuasion leading to the creation of a notion of the need of such a product by a consumer (Dodge). The developers of the advertisement incorporated both modern and ancient themes to emphasize the values of the American people and society. Two main issues were identified innovation and creativity of the American as well as the resilience of the American to gain the highly valued independence and autonomy of America and its people (Dodge).


Various elements and ideas were put into consideration into the development of the short but succinct and effective Dodge advertisement. The steps involved in the development of an effective advertisement are the initial creation of awareness to the consumer about the product and its ability to satisfy the needs and wants of the products. Imparting knowledge about the product to the consumer. Consumer liking and appeal for the product is developed and put into consideration in the advertisement development process. The creation of classification of the product as a preference due to various product benefits, Conviction in terms of decision making about the product and the eventual purchase of the product

In addition, the Dodge advertisement could have assumed what is considered as a means ends theory, whereby the approach used in an advertisement to provide consumers with a certain desired end, which could be provided by the use of the product. Hence, the product of focus is the Dodge Viper, which is considered as part of the American heritage and culture (Dodge). The Dodge advertisement capitalizes on the use of ethos to appeal to consumers as it gives emphasis to the American values. Americans value their cars; hence, the advertisement seems to give special consideration from the past whereby the Americans have been enthusiastic about the development of maintenance of their vehicle models. Hence, the advertisement aims to appeal to the Americans of the need to uphold their society through purchase of locally manufactured products (Treks).

The visual rhetoric used indicates of the need to persuade the consumers from a patriotic approach. For instance, the man holding the American flag is an express indication of the aspect of nationalism. The advertisement seeks to use visual images to communicate to the audience of the product, which they are presented to make a decision to purchase the commodity. The setting of the advertisement is made to appeal to the consumer market by the assumption of both a modern and historical perspective. The graphics of the advertisements have been used to actualize the presence of the two main themes the theme of independence and freedom, and the theme of innovation and creativity in the development of cars.

The advertisement entails of Dodge viper make of cars approaching the British troops in what was considered as the battle for freedom from the rule of the British Empire. It shows the presence of numerous British troops who have assumed a battle position awaiting orders to charge forward and attack the enemy or the Americans.

Advertisement through television is considered the most effective marketing tools because of the large numbers of the populace with access to television. In addition, this is evidenced by the costs in terms of the advertisement charges levied on entities seeking to air their 30-second commercials. Television commercials have gained the ability to influence the consumer purchase habits, as well as their purchase decisions.

In essence, any form of advertisement has a focus in terms of ensuring that it appeals to the target consumers, as well as enabling them make a purchase decision and specifically in favor of the product. The visual displays of the main product are used to show the aggressiveness and resilience of the product (Treks). It is also used to indicate the bravado of the make of the car as well as that those American people as they fought for the freedom of the American people. Americans value their products as well as their patriotism. Hence, the advertisers are inclined to ensure that they are able to appeal to consumers from a patriotic perspective. Ethos plays a major role in the decision making process of a consumer as many Americans value their country as well as other national and societal values. The value for freedom against the various forms of oppression, which were present in the historical America, has been highlighted in the fight of American independence (Dodge).

In conclusion, the advertisement focuses on the need to protect American products from other external products. Hence, it gives an emphasis to the need for consumption of locally manufactured products in the United States. It also provides the need to hold up the societal values such as freedom, patriotism and American culture and heritage in use of American vehicle makes such as the Dodge Viper (Treks). In essence, I think that the advertisement was effective in that it encourages purchases of the Dodge Viper as an American product hence enhancing the aspect of nationalism (Dodge).

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