The first advertisement was the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Commercial. The commercial features a new model by Hyundai with special features that enhance the driver’s experience. The advertisement provides the consumers with a desire to make purchases in that the focus of the advertisement is the improvements and benefits for making purchase of the new model. The advertisement illustrates a shift in the making of the car to provide a different steering to suit different drivers. In essence, the advertisement is innovative and illustrates an unmatched sedan model for sale in the United States (Youtube, 2013). The target audience is primarily all consumers in the United States given that the vehicle has options such as sport and family driving to suit varied consumers. The advertisement is short and does not provide an elaborate view of all changes and innovations in the vehicle that would be attractive for consumers in the United States. The advertisement is effective in that it provides the primary features, which make it unique such as transformation from a sports car into a family sedan.

The second advertisement was the Coca-Cola Bears Commercial 2012 by Coca-Cola. The primary objective of this advertisement is to illustrate the effect of Coca-Cola on a group of polar bears in a remote arctic region. This is in line with the brand Coca-cola and its theme of Open Happiness. The polar bears are a family and thus it illustrates that the advertisement is intended for families. In line with the theme, the Coca-Cola soda enhances family unity and thus ideal for family unions and members (Youtube, 2012).

The advertisement is highly effective as it illustrates that Coca-Cola sodas are appropriate and associable with good and important times in a familial setting. However, the advertisement is intellectual in nature and requires a good level of interpretation skills to understand the role of Coca-Cola sodas in enhancing the good moments shared by the family of polar bears. The advertisement illustrates peace and happiness in line with the theme of Coca-Cola, which is, Open Happiness.

The third commercial for evaluation was the Chevrolet Camaro 2013-A legend reborn (Youtube, 2013). The concept of the car is the main objective of the car in that it is used to illustrate the basic features that are synonymous with the Chevrolet Camaro models. The commercial is effective in highlighting the features and changes in such features to the consumers. Target audience is not specified; however, it is implied that the vehicle is a sports car and thus is targeted at motor vehicle enthusiasts in need of cars with powerful engines. The commercial articulates the features of the vehicle through slow movements to illustrate the significant features of the car that have been change and as a means of making an appeal to the consumers to purchase the new Chevrolet Camaro 2013. The commercial is not as effective as desired in that it lacks a sense of persuasion to the consumers to make purchase of the new model. The design of the new model is excellent but the marketing falls short of the expected level of marketing undertaken by similar entities in the automobile industry (Youtube, 2013).

The fourth, 2013 Pepsi commercial, features a music celebrity by the name Beyonce and is titled ‘Grown Woman’ (Youtube, 2013). The use of the celebrity is aimed at appealing to the women, and especially those in the lower age bracket. This is because music, dance and the presence of a celebrity are used primarily to captivate the young women in the United States. However, the commercial does not provide an adequate illustration of the reasons as to why a consumer should prefer Pepsi to other carbonated drinks in the United States. The commercial has a significant effect in that the celebrity is able to appeal to all genders and especially to the young women who comprise a significant part of the consumer market in the United States.


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