Name: Instructor: Course: Date: ADWK 5 Primates expend much of their lives in considerable and significant social groups. The challenges presented by social life have provided the primates with more complicated cognitive capacities and physical morphisms. Regardless of the merits arising from living in social groups, primates are also faced with considerable disadvantages.

One such disadvantage is fierce competition. Living in social groups generates fierce competition for mates among males in a group. Usually, males compete against each other in order to access females for mating. One of the reasons that facilitate such competition is the fact that females are limited in the group. Thus, as a limited resource, the primate males are bound to compete against each other in order to acquire the females. Consequently, the females become unavailable for longer periods due to pregnancy and lactation.

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This is a disadvantage due to the intense rivalry arising from the competition. Such social bonds cultivated between the males in the groups are severed due to the competition. The competition also leads to instances that involve primates receiving serious injuries and in stern cases, death. This is attributed to the morphed features that are influenced in the animals through natural selection. For instance, evolution among males has enabled them to gain advanced defensive features such as larger canines and larger frames to assist them in fighting. Additionally, other features such as increased testes size have created an unfair level of competition thus limiting the chances of numerous primates from accessing the females.

Moreover, selection of compatible males through testes size decreases the primate population due to the limited number of offspring born from a few males thus increasing the risk of extinction, especially for endangered species such as the orangutan.


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