Name:Lecturer: Course: Date: All I Can See Brendan James is a piano-based songwriter residing in New Hampshire, in the United States. James started out his career in New York City playing open mics before he signed a deal with Capitol Records in 2006. At this recording studio, he spent a little over a year and released his first album in 2007. He later left to pursue his ambition of releasing an EP and producing. In 2008, he signed with Decca Records and proceeded on to release to studio albums namely, ‘The Day is Brave’ and ‘Brendan James’. ‘The Day is Brave’ in particular was a success with various songs such as “Hero’s Song’, ‘Begin’, ‘Run Away’, ‘Take the Fall’, ‘Manchester, ‘The Sun Will Rise’, and in particular, ‘All I Can See’.

The song ‘All I Can See’ is a lead single by the artist. This song was written about the implications having to let go connections with another person, and the freedom associated with letting them go a most grounding feeling (James, 6). My reflection on this song is that it is the form of song an artist writes from personal experiences. Other than this, James may have been inspired by the situation of a friend who has gone through a given situation.

In this song, Brendan James gives it his all through stylish piano accompaniments, a pitch-perfect voice, and a personal story. He is both optimistic and romantic. The song received various review from numerous media and featured in a number of shows such as an episode in the drama series ‘Army Wives’. This song garnered significant success and led “Entertainment Weekly” to naming Brendan James as one of the rising songwriters. Ultimately, upon listening to this song, Carly Simon, an American Song writer referred to James as a voice that could change the world. Ultimately, the song ‘All I Can See’ by Brendan James is a piano song bent on finding solace in the end of a relationship.

This song is a literal representation of Brendan’s poignant lyrics along with his skills in playing the piano instrument. It displays his skill of touch-crafting lyrics that support his piano playing and strong vocals. James has an informed understanding regarding indelible melodies and adult emotions. According to James, he considers life a journey and every situation or scenario is always new and requires amassed knowledge from experiences to maneuver through it. The title itself passes the message about a journey.

For example, the first verse talks about James having the desire to open up his mind to enable him to open the doorway of life. The life experiences that James talks about in this song are, presumably, love and relationships. Particularly, the song may be seen to speak about those situations when people in a relationship take a break from each other.

The separation may last a week, three months, a year, or is sometimes never-ending (James, 18). In relation, this song has a substantial connection of love with the book ‘All I Can See’ by Joyce Bloom. Upon reading the book by Joyce Bloom, I have to confess that I was moved by the love story. Professionally, Bloom specializes in psychotherapy. She does couples and counsels these couples in marriage together with individual counseling. She works through an approach bent on compassion and change orientation. This approach works to help people find satisfaction and love in their relationships. In her book, she uses animal characters to represent humans in society.

In this case, we see the beautiful butterfly having gone through many places in the course of her life. However, she is unable to find what she is looking for and until when she meets s grey bird. From what I was able to gather from the book, when someone finds his or her soul mate, he or she has a sense of belonging (Bloom, 34). James’ song, in relation, talks about a similar life concept. James talks about the joy of being in a relationship and the traumatic experience one has to put up with when partying ways with his or her soul mate. When I analyze my personal life, I find a close connection with what Brendan James’ song ‘All I Can See’. When I first listened to the song, the melody that comes through the song captivated me, and I started humming along even though I was unable to put the words together. However, subsequent listening to the song and the words began to sink in, and I began thinking about my inner emotions, moods, and the things I was going through in my life.

Apparently, there was nothing specific apart from being a person in this country; one who loves to read books, watch movies and TV, and socialize with people. This has been my identity for a long time. Then the lyrics of James’ song made me realize that my love life is lacking. In my analysis, James’s music process starts with the piano as he attempts to establish melodic ideas that inspire his listeners. This develops slowly to what the concept of love implies and how the tone made him feel. As many people go through this situation, I felt I was drawn to the emotion message behind the song.

The song made me realize that having a soul mate is a way of completing a person’s social life; this is according to James and Bloom’s perspectives. In conclusion, this study was able to perform a complete and informative analysis of Brendan James’s song ‘All I Can See’ and its connection to Joyce Bloom’s book ‘All I Can See’. Ultimately, this song is the kind that is written based on personal life personal experiences or those of others.

‘All I Can See’ is a song that Brendan James gives his all through fine piano tuning and a pitch-perfect voiced. He talks about love as a factor in most people’s lives. The song is encouraging for this that may be without a significant other and urges them to reveal in their single status since relationships can be stressful as well. An analysis of the book ‘All I Can See’ by Joyce Bloom also has a similar bearing. The book is in connection with the song through the aspect of love. From what I was able to gather, love is a blinding emotion that can lead to other emotions such as happiness or distress depending on the situation (Bloom, 42). Someone might be in a relationship and be happy or sad.

On the other hand, one may not be in a relationship and be happy or distressed. Love and related emotions are dependent on the situation and preference of the person in question. Works Cited James, Brendan.

Brendan James. New York, NY: Decca, 2010. Sound recording.


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