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In the late nineteenth century, the economy of America grew drastically making America to become of the leading super powers. It became one of the most industrialized nations. Additionally, it became one of the most agricultural countries in the world. On the other hand, as the American economy continued to grow, the working conditions of the different Americans continued to change drastically. It is because of these working conditions that led the different workers to form the various labor unions.

One of the problems that led to the different workers forming the different labor unions was the abolishment of slavery. The people who used to work in the different companies and farms were mostly slaves. When they were released or freed, it meant that they were being paid for their work and they could quit and change their jobs, as they wanted. Additionally, it meant that they had gained rights like the other American citizens (World History Centre, 2007). However, other Americans were still discriminating the different freed slaves in the job market. For instance, when they were being employed they had rights and if they were violated according to the labor laws, the only way they could seek help is through forming the different labor unions. It is for this reason that the different workers were made to form the different labor unions.

Another problem that led to the different workers forming the different labor unions was inflation. It was at this time that America was hit by inflation despite the tremendous growth in the economy. When the country was hit by inflation, the salaries and wages of the different workers never changed. This meant that the cost of living was very high for the different laborers to afford. In order for the different workers to be listened to by the different employers and the government, they had to form the different labor unions so that they could be listened. Therefore, this led to the rise of the different labor unions.

In conjunction to the above, the different labor unions were formed by the different workers as a form of political protest. At this time in America, there was a lot of civil war that was going on especially in the south. There was a fierce battle for succession between the republicans and the democrats. In order for the different political leaders to gather votes from the different people, they had to form labor unions in the pretense of supporting the different workers so that they can gain their votes (Friedman, 2010). To some extent, this proved to very effective thus leading to the formation of even more labor unions.

The different labor unions were met with a lot of resistance by the different employers in the different companies. The government had created some policy that made this strikes to be illegal. If the different workers were found demonstrating in anyway, whether peaceful or violently, it taken to be a criminal offence and could be charged by the law. This made the different labor unions strikes fail thus destroying them.

In addition to the above, when the different labor unions were being crashed by both the government and the different companies, the workers were becoming angry and this resulted to violence. The government also sent troops to chase away the protestors. This was a very difficult time for the labor unions since their activities were declared illegal by the court. However, by the end of the nineteenth century, congress saw that it was necessary to change the law whereby the different companies and the court should stop treating the different workers as commodities (Net Industries, 2011). Therefore, this led to the peaceful demonstration, which later led to the workers getting their rights.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the different labor unions were formed because of the poor working conditions. These conditions ranged from discrimination by the different employers, due to their ethnic background like the freed slaves. Additionally, they were poorly paid and yet the country was being faced by inflation. Lastly, the labor unions were formed for political purposes. On the other hand, the government used the law to break down the different labor unions where violence was met with violence from the different troops. When the government saw that it was leading to more destruction, they resulted to peace agreement by allowing the different labor unions to stop the violence.


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