Name: Tutor: Course: Date: American History Introduction America has had a long history of wars since its revolution to attain independence to civil war and other wars within the current age. One of the wars that are rarely known to people is the war of 1812. However, the war of 1812 is one of the most important wars in the history of America. Historians say it marked the start of the people of the United States instead of states bound by a weak federal government.

At this time, the Americans were fighting the Great Britain and Canada. This was the first time the United States of America declared war as one country. To fight the war, United States required to have people work together in order to win the war. For the first time, the country was committed to the same course as nation, marking the first time it went to war as one nation. The war was an effort to defend the country from the British invaders who were hijacking American sailors. The Americans thought that Britain was supplying weapons to American Indians and that they could conquer Canada.

The war of 1812 united the nation more in an effort to defend itself, resulting in a better economy (The American History Guys 2012). As aforementioned, the war was a result of several issues, with the main one being the invasion of the British soldiers. In 1793, Britain was at war with France. This war went on until 1815. During this time, the countries had their navy decimated. Thus, the British used impressments of Americans into their navy.

The British captured ships from America and forced the men found in these ships into the royal navy in order to continue fighting the French. This received outraged reaction from the Americans and many pressed for war. However, this did not happen immediately. The other cause of the war was suspicion that the British supplied Indians with firearms. Indians were enemies with the Americans due to territorial issues. The Indians wanted their native lands back. Americans believed that the British in Canada encouraged and pushed the Indians to attack Americans. Although it was not clear that the Indians were receiving support from Britain or whether it was through trading in fur, it became clear when they joined the British in 1812 to fight the Americans.

After gaining independence, Americans wanted to continue with expanding their territories. Many believed Canada could be conquered. However, the war ended without conquering any land. It ended in a Ghent treaty where no gain or loss was suffered in terms of conquering more land (The American History Guys 2012).

Among these causes, the most important and one that had a positive effect were the impressments at the sea. At the time, the confederations were bound by weak federal laws and each considered itself different from each other. The main economic activity was agriculture, and most of the products went for export while imports came through the sea. Thus, when trading could not take place due to the war, Americans started manufacturing their own goods. Those in the north manufactured goods such as shoes for slaves in the south while the south would provide other goods. This had a positive effect on the economy.

A domestic market was established instead of having to export everything independently as states. Thus, unity amongst the states was achieved, and people realized that they could help each other significantly as united nations as opposed to a confederation of states (The American History Guys 2012). Conclusion The biggest effect of the war of 1812 was uniting the states and establishing a domestic market where people made goods for each other. Before the war, the states were only bound together by commerce that happened at sea for export and import.

People had not realized that a strong unity would mean strength for the nation that it would not have when each state acted independently. Further, by winning some battles such as the battle of New Orleans, America was respected as an independent nation. Work Cited The American History Guys. “The War of 1812 Lecture.”, June 15, 2012.

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