Am I on Track? Name: Course: Date: Am I on Track? Every company or organization has both employers and employees for it to function properly. The process of acquiring employees is a rather tedious process, and when conducted employers prefer to do it only once. Some qualities are required for one to acquire employment in any field. The availability of these skills acts as the benchmark to differentiate talented employees from the bad ones.

There is ever growing competition between different companies and firms (Tulgan, 2000). This, therefore, causes them to change their methods of administration, and they expect a lot more from their employees for them to compete favorably with their adversaries. This competition is beneficial since by continuously striving to outdo each other the firms eventually provide the best service for its customers. For this reason, employers have changed their methods of employment, as well as the requirements needed to secure a job. The employers require people with certain qualifications as well as skills. (Supiot, et al, 2001) Availability of these skills enables one to gain preference over the rest of the people also applying for the same job.

These skills include excellent communication skills, excellent health and safety skills and diligence (Knapp, 2007). For one to be a valued employee, one should express themselves properly through words, that is, to have exceptional communication skills. This will ensure a healthy relationship between them and fellow employers and their employer, as well. Diligence is the ability of one to complete duties allocated well and on time. This I presume is the greatest asset an employee has because it drives them to improve every day and in so doing, it makes the organization better. Other skills include problem solving skills, good teamwork, customer service skills and literacy skills. A CV (curriculum vitae) is a document that shows a person’s education history, and work qualifications (Behrends & Anthony, 2011). It is an important document for it is required in every job interview.

It saves on time since from one’s qualifications, the employer can shortlist the best candidates for the interview, as opposed to conducting interviews for all the people who have applied for the job. Color personality is the choice of a color instinctually by a person. The choice of the color then is used to describe the personality of the individual in question. This is a non-biased method of determining the personality of the person in question. This method is used because, in some cases, the employers may know the person and may favor them but the color personality test is impartial.

Apart from determining the individual’s personality, it shows the mental and physical state of the person (Ritberger, 2000). Name: Address: Contacts: E-mail address: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER I am an enthusiastic, hardworking and disciplined person ready to learn new things. Iam a student- focused and dedicated professional who is committed to providing a good learning environment for all my students. I have a flexible attitude as well as a friendly nature and this ensures a good relationship with my students.

When given I perform my duties as required and I am cooperative. I strive to promote the ideologies of the school as well as to ensure all the needs of the student are met. CORE COMPETENCIES Creative lesson planning Technology integration Classroom management-Literature Student motivation Guided reading Career Objective I am a diligent and friendly person, seeking a teaching position in the Los Angeles Unified School District, LAUSD. Because of my previous experience, I believe I will be suited for this position.

Educational & CREDENTIALS 2008-2011: Bachelor of Early Childhood Development, University of Pennsylvania 2003-2007: Cameron High School, West Virginia, U.S.A TEACHING experience Elementary school teacher, West Virginia Elementary school, U.S.A 8/24/2011-to date Substitute teacher/Paraprofessional: 2/12/2011- 8 /17/2011 I served as “on call” substitute who accepted teaching assignments on my area of specialization. I executed lesson plans for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Languages English, Mandarin and Spanish. I can speak all three languages fluently. Technical Integrations and proficiencies Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe and Aldus page maker. References Coghill-Behrends, W., & Anthony, R. (2011).

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