Analysis of signature themes report Name: Institution: Instructor: Course: Date: Analysis of Signature Themes Report My signature themes are responsibility, learner, discipline, restorative and belief (Gallup, 1-2).

I am energized by problems and I love to solve them. I enjoy reviving things and the challenge of analyzing problems and coming up with their solutions. This explains my restorative theme.

My contribution to problems helps me salvage situations. I posses a strong belief system. I have core values that are enduring and I am willing to defend them at all costs. For this reason, I fall in the belief theme. The strength finder also suggested that I am disciplined.

I have a strong desire to have control of the situations occurring in my life. Deadlines and timeliness are a big motivation towards the achievement of my duties. I also posses the responsibility theme. This implies that I am driven to have psychological possession of that which I set my mind to do. I am automatically bound to anything that I commit myself to and I strive to give good results. The theme of learning implies that I love to learn. The process of learning rejuvenates me. Although the subjects of interest are determined by other themes, the fact remains that I will always engage myself in the learning process.

The journey from ignorance to knowledge captivates me. The realization of these thematic expressions does not come as a surprise to me. I identify with each one of them as I see them playing an active role in shaping and molding my personality.

They are more of a confirmation than a realization. Although none of them is new to me, the theme of being disciplined was not that anticipated. This is because I love structures but routines can at times be a bore.

For this reason, I am constantly trying to find new angles to approach routines. This ensures that I remain innovative and I enjoy whatever it is I am doing. The strength that describes me best is that of being restorative (Gallup, 2). I believe whatever change I desire to see must begin with me.

For this reason, anything that I view as being faulty or not in its best form pushes me to come up with various solutions. This has had major impact on how I view social and political issues. I am not a subscriber to the philosophy of watching things go wrong.

Many individuals just engage in talking about the issues. Little is done to solve them. For this reason, they remain to be part of the problems, as they offer no solutions. One of the things I enjoy the most is engaging my mind in coming up with innovative solutions.

This will mean treading on grounds that many do not dare to tread. It is rather captivating for me to seek solutions for issues that others have branded as hopeless or are too lazy to contribute to their change. Though the themes may not entirely describe my reflex reactions, they accurately describe my way of actions to a very large degree. The themes of being a learner, responsible, restorative and having a high belief system describe most of my reflex actions.

My ways of thinking are aligned to these themes. As an individual, I tend to naturally take charge of situations and find the best way of going about them (Gallup, 1). This has given me placement in many leadership positions. They also tend to describe the types of feelings that I hold towards various issues. The theme that I think I posses subconsciously is that of being disciplined.

It does not come out that strongly because I tend to shy away from routine work. I am eager to use all these themes in the different stages of my life. Having a learning spirit will help me to adapt well into the college environment. This particular theme will be handy not only in my field of study but it will also help me in developing interpersonal relationships. My strength of being restorative will also help me to contribute to change in my society. My career path involves revolutionary changes in the social and political dimensions. The themes of responsibility and belief will help me to stand firm in the goals that I desire to achieve. They will also help in reinforcing my commitment levels in all that I set to do.

Reference List Gallup. (2012). Strength Finder: Your Signature Themes.


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