Analytical Report Name: Course: Date: Analytical Report Communication is a crucial factor in making or breaking a company. Without it, basic company instructions will not be followed.

This will mean that the company’s goals will not be achieved. A simple definition of communication would be the transfer of ideas and thoughts from one person to another. From this definition, it implies that information is passed on from one person to another. This is true but communication involves more factors than just that. Communication is the process by which information is conveyed from sender to receiver using a medium (Hamilton, 3). In a company set up, many communication issues can occur. This is because different people from different backgrounds have converged in one place.

These issues have been classified as type A and type C. Type A detours the employees from their jobs and results in anger and defensiveness. Type C is a conflict that improves the workers productivity and relationships and it ends up creating a feeling of satisfaction. It is crucial for companies to keep an eye on both issues. Type A conflict is however not healthy for a company (Hamilton, 84). Introduction Horizontal Company is a hardware store that deals with a variety of goods. It has thirty workers that are employed in that company.

Management has major issues with its employees, as there is always communication breakdown between them. The goals of the company are usually not achieved because of this. When there is a task to be done, it ends up not being done, as there is no proper channel to communicate between management and the employees. There is also a problem when employees want to communicate with their employers. The employers are usually never around for the most part of the day. This is because they come to the store in the morning and leave in the mid-morning to go market the store and look for clients. As a result, when they have information to pass on to the workers they write a memo and send it to the workers email addresses.

Unfortunately, most of the workers do not get a chance to read their emails on time. This is because of two main reasons. One the employees are mostly busy serving the customers the whole day and by evening they are too tired to bother checking their emails. Similarly, the number of computers in the store is few, and not all the workers will get a chance to check their emails daily even if they had the time. Significance of the Problem The problem in Horizontal Company is affecting how the company operates. This is because when there is information to convey there lacks a suitable medium to use. For instance, when the company had told the public that they had a sale at their shop, clients came with the hopes of buying goods at a discount.

The employees, though they knew about the sale, had not updated the prices to the discounted ones. This is because the new price catalogue was on their emails and no one had the time to print it out or even read it. This made the customers lose faith in the store as they felt they had been tricked into going to a sale that was not there. The shop thus lost its credibility. If this problem persists, it would mean that the store would continue losing its customers. There is also an unclear way of the employees scheduling meetings with the employers. Since they do not know the times when they are in their offices, the workers often do not get face time with the employees. Their problems therefore are not addressed.

Solution to fix the Problem A number of ways can be found to resolve the problem at Horizontal Company. Since they have realized that, their problem lies with the medium they use for communication. First, they should try to get more computers for the workers to use.

This is an expensive method, as it would mean that the company has to use extra resources from their budget. By doing this, it would ensure that there is always an open channel for employers or employees to use. They will also have dealt with the problem of the employees not having enough computers. Another solution would be to employ other ways of communicating with the workers. Every time there is an announcement or information to be passed, the employers can print out the memo and put it on notice boards. This will ensure that employees will be able to read the hard copy of the announcement. The notice boards are placed in strategic positions that ensure no one will miss the announcements.

The employers can also have a timetable that the workers know. This ensures that they know when the employers are found in the workplace at all times. By employing these strategies, it will mean that the company has realized that they have a problem and choose to resolve it accordingly. Since they have taken into consideration all the parties in the company, Horizontal Company will be using collaborative strategy to solve their communication issues (Hamilton, 87). Plan to Implement the Solution From the solutions that the company has found they should pick the ones that it feels that best suit them. They should therefore form a committee that will be in charge of overseeing the implementation of the solution. Once they have chosen these people, they will take over the task. The committee will choose the methods that it feels will work out for the company best.

They will weigh out, decide which solution will be cost effective, and still work out better than the other solutions. First, the committee should come up with a period in which they intend for the plan to work. This can be like a month or so. After analyzing the solutions that they had come up with, the committee should go for the posters as a way of communicating for the time being. This is because it is increasingly cost effective. In the short run, it is extremely expensive for a company to buy extra computers that it had not budgeted for in that fiscal year. In addition, just because there are extra computers does not mean that the worker’s workload has decreased. They might still not get time to check their emails.

Therefore, the use of posters is most appropriate in this situation. The company will need to buy material for printing out the posters and ensure that all the notice boards are in good condition. They will also need to add a few more notice boards to make sure that the posters have visibility.

The committee will also appoint a person that will be in charge of putting up posters and marinating the notice boards. This person will be the liaison between employers and employees. The best person for the job would be the company secretary as they are already in charge of typing the internal memos. This is also advantageous as they are always in the loop and they know what is always happening. The old methods of communicating should still be used. Workers should still be sent emails so that at least everyone has a copy of the memo. In addition, as the store continues to grow it might one day have enough resources to buy more computers, meaning that the old method of communication might work at that time.

The secretary should also put up a memo communicating to the employees which time the employers are available for them to schedule meetings. This would ensure that the lines of communication are kept open for both employers and employees. Once all the plans that the committee had have been implemented, Horizontal Company should give it time for it to work. Within a month, they should evaluate the solutions they had implemented.

If the solution has worked, then they should continue with it. The committee should also evaluate the solution and come up with better ways of improving it. If they feel that the quality of posters they used in the first time were poor, they should look for ways of improving them. They should also find ways in which they can cut costs if the initial implementation was expensive.

Conclusion Once the implementation is successful, it will mean that communication breakdown in Horizontal Company has been handled. There will no longer be problems between management, and employees as the lines of communication are open for either downward or upward communication. The faith that the clients had lost in the company can now be restored as communication issues have been solved. This report is important as it highlights the issues at Horizontal Company.

It also shows the measures they took to resolve these issues. The solution they arrived at was a win-win situation as all parties benefited from the solution. References: Hamilton, C.

(2010). Communicating for results: A guide for business and the professions. Belmont, Calif: Wadsworth Pub.



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