Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Anthropocene Anthropocene is a term that refers to influence that human beings’ activities have on the environment. It refers to the evidence that can be seen from on the environment because of man’s activities. Recently there has been a new geological period because of all the activities that man is involved with today. This is because there are many new activities that man is engaging in. These activities also have an impact on the environment in the same way.

The more they are, the more the environment changes. It is because of this that scientists are referring to this era as the Anthropocene era. All livings organisms affect the environment in a different way regardless of their size. Plants and animals both excrete substances to the environment. This causes a rise of the excretions to the environment. For instance, when animals release carbon dioxide it leads to a rise of the gas in the atmosphere. These excretions affect the surroundings differently.

Human beings affect their surrounding the most. They constantly use the earth’s resources to satisfy their wants. This has different impacts on the environment. For example, when paper industries cut trees to make paper they affect the ecosystem in two ways. One, they are causing deforestation. Two, they pollute the environment.

Man’s activities affect the ecosystem the most. These activities are increasing continually. Everyday man has an innovation that requires him to disrupt the environment.

The use of these resources means that the ecosystem changes with it. This changes the biological, chemical and ecological processes of the earth. The emission of greenhouse gases has made the ozone layer deplete slowly.

Water bodies have also been affected around the globe. The environment is not as it was years ago.


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