Mobile computing is defined as a technology which involves transferring of voice, video and information through a desktop or any other gadgets without having a fixed physical link. It consists of mobile communication, mobile hardware and mobile software. Now let us discuss about mobile computing and its business implications.    Now a day’s, Mobile computing in the business sector gives many benefits to the organizations. Remote access computing is a software in which the businesses are access to the office. Simply it is a software which access a computer or other devices from a remote location.

It is used to done the work from anywhere when anyone can’t make it to the office. The benefits of remote access computing are we can save transport charges by not having to travel to work. Even though there are benefits, some disadvantages are also there. Sometimes the information get theft, hackers can crack the system and can steel our information.

So, it is very important to secure the devices.   According to a survive, the most expensive is not necessarily the best in remote access software. The use of remote access computing begins with the installation of the software on the device that you are using like a laptop, computer, smartphone or a tablet. The user need to login online on the software’s website from the device. The only thing the user need to have is the internet connection. SaaS is a remote computing software that businesses can also use. There is another idea of mobile computing, called BYOD which stands for Bring Your Own Device, means the employees need to take their own devices to work.

Both the employee and the employers have benefits and challenges. There are so many doubts for the users about BYOD regarding network security issues. The conclusion for this topic is as follows. As we know that mobile computing has rapid growth from so many years and no doubt it will continue its growth in the future. When we look at back, mobile computing starts as a toy for children.

By the use of mobile computing in business, the use of paper will disappear. Mobile devices play an important role in business. Smaller or faster they are the future of mobile computing in business.


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