Application of Politics and Government in the Community (senior citizens)


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Application of Politics and Government in the Community (senior citizens)

Politics and government play an important role in the making of health policies. Considering that government and politics are at the power of making policies, I believe that making the government and politics a partner in healthcare for senior citizens ensure policies aimed at helping our elderly in the community (Anderson & McFarland, 2008). Application of politics and government in senior citizens care includes providing funding to the elderly homes. When going through some of the applications of government and politics in healthcare for the elderly, I realized that it offers grants to organizations that are serious in taking care of the elderly.

Another application I realized is making policies. Politics and government are highly involved and making of rules in order to see the good of the elderly. I realized a connection or a relationship between the government and the public health existed to ensure health needs of the old are met through providing good financial programs to choose. Some of these include foster grandparent program where the federal government offers grants to organizations that are dedicated to taking care of elderly. Other programs, although not directly health related, but contribute to their well-being, are the senior environmental employment program, which allows the elderly to provide their services to the local, state and federal agencies of environment (Cassis, 2012). As a partner model in healthcare, government and politics come in to provide healthcare policies and grants that are aimed to help the senior citizens. However, I find that the politics of government in some cases are applied negatively. For instance, a new law suggests that poor families might have to pay more in order to have their healthcare cover (LaMagna, 2013). This may leave many out of healthcare insurance, which I think is wrong application of politics in healthcare. However, current debate is on the new Obama healthcare that promises a healthcare system that works for not only the insurance companies, but also the ordinary people (Funnell 2010).


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