Name: Lecturer:Course:Date: Applied Research Methods Question One Mail out survey and phone survey are two efficient ways of executing the purpose of this study.

However, it is necessary to carry out a comparative analysis regarding their performance qualities and establish which among the two is most suitable. In this regard, conducting a mail out survey allows ease of developing a mail list through respondent addresses. It is also time efficient since the respondents answer the questions with no pressure involved and do so at their own convenience. Moreover, its quality of structured questions allows proper and efficient arrangement of issues in terms of how they are related to each other.

However, respondent convenience means limited survey responses since this can affect the deadline in addition to the mailing expenses. Additionally, some of the respondents may not be conversant with the language used hence be a hindrance. On the other hand, conducting a phone survey would have the benefit of more flexibility since it can be conducted with best suit to the respondent. Language barriers may not be a hindrance as well as convenience due to instant responses by the respondents, and the benefit of gaining the respondents additional information. However, this method is plagued by several demerits including the possibility of wrong numbers or respondents failing to answer their calls since some may not want to be bothered. Additionally, since the conversations consumer relative time, it may be hard to contact some respondents busy in their endeavors enhanced by limited time. Question Two Regarding the dos and don’ts of constructing questions, it is important to note that, few questions trigger better responses. Additionally, close questions should be applied to allow easy analysis and questions should be written without bias to evade bias responses.

Do not ask questions that will trigger “Halo” responses. Do ask questions regarding vehicle ownership, and the respondent’s thoughts about public transportation. Do ask the respondents age, and their preference regarding light rail or buses in terms of public transportation. Do enquire about disability, and how frequent he or she uses public transportation.


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